Nextcloud: Better than Owncloud?

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You already know Owncloud? Since 2016, some of the developers of Owncloud have joined forces in a new project and released Nextcloud.

In this article, we will introduce Nextcloud and explain what makes it different from Owncloud.

You can learn how to install Nextcloud in our Nextcloud installation tutorial.

Nextcloud features and benefits

Nextcloud offers much of what Owncloud offers - and more. Since splitting off from Owncloud, Nextcloud has made a name for itself with better performance and free extra features (such as document editing). These days, both software alternatives are very similar in terms of their main features and appearance. In the end, Nextcloud seems to be more popular, but it is probably a matter of taste which software you prefer.

Other portals have also compared both alternatives (e.g. here und here).

Below we have summarised the main advantages and special features of Nextcloud:

  • Free (similar to Owncloud) The Nextcloud software is free. You can also download the client versions for free.
  • Wide range of clients (similar to Owncloud) Just like Owncloud, Nextcloud has apps available for all major platforms, such as Android and iOS.
  • User-friendly and modern layout (advantage over Owncloud) You can also manage your Nextcloud easily. A modern, uncluttered layout makes it easy to access your data and make settings. In our opinion, the overall layout is a little more user-friendly and modern than Owncloud's.
  • User management (just like Owncloud) As with Owncloud, you can create and manage multiple users in your Nextcloud. For example, each family member can have their own storage space.
  • Sharing, access from anywhere and data synchronisation (as with Owncloud) Sharing content with all internet users, accessing it from anywhere and synchronising data with multiple devices - you already know this from Owncloud. All these features are also available to Nextcloud users.
  • Stability and reliability (similar to Owncloud) The founders of Nextcloud promise more stability and reliability. Over the years they seem to have delivered on this promise. At the same time, however, Owncloud has caught up, so the differences should not be too big.
  • Documentation (advantage over Owncloud) Nextcloud was clearly lagging behind when it came to documentation, but a lot has happened here. We have found that Nextcloud's documentation is often more comprehensive and helpful (e.g. for server configuration).
  • Additional features (advantage over Owncloud) Nextcloud already offers some useful features in the free version. For example, it is easier to collaborate on documents in Nextcloud.
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Disadvantages of Nextcloud

Like Owncloud, Nextcloud also has a commercial offering. This removes the initial advantage of being non-commercial. For most home users, however, this should make little difference. This has also been reported on YouTube.

More about Nextcloud

There are several videos about Nextcloud on YouTube. Among them is this video about the features of Nextcloud 25 from ApfelCast.

Want to install Nextcloud? We have published a Nextcloud tutorial.

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