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Take on the most powerful SSD hosting in Germany by a trusted provider. SIM-Networks has the latest server infrastructure and technology with over 5 times shorter load times

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SSD hosting is a faster and more reliable type of web hosting. Unlike traditional HDD hosting providers, SIM-Networks is using the latest equipment and SSD drives to significantly speed up data processing and improve the overall website performance, while offering several extra benefits and unique opportunities.

These are mainly corporate blogs, business sites, e-commerce sites, and mobile applications with high traffic that need more speed for quality user experience, in line with gaining a measurable competitive advantage in the search engine results. Fast SSD hosting is also popular among companies offering file download services or large file archives, that equally rely on high speed, performance, and data security.

Cloud SSD hosting service is a solution that allows the customer to dynamically manage the parameters of the cloud server and optimize costs by increasing or decreasing server resources as needed (auto-scaling). For example, in order to be able to provide uninterrupted access to online store during peak loads, without overpaying for idle resources under normal loads.

Our network infrastructure and server equipment are located in Germany (TelemaxX IPC-3 and TelemaxX IPC-4 data centers) and the Netherlands (TIER III professional data center Serverius SDC1).

For dependable performance and maximum available service, SIM-Networks is using high-quality industry-grade hardware and server equipment located in certified data centers.

Yes, we do have a great solution for storing backups, archives, logs, and so on. Explore the benefits of our S3 Secure Storage, a true all-in-one cloud storage with easy scalability and unlimited capacity.

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Should I forget about HDDs in favor of modern SSD webhosting?

You can invest much in website development, design, product or service promotion, but still have not too many customers due to high user bounce rate.

This usually happens because your site is too slow, and the page load speed is critically important not only for user experience (visitors are at least annoyed by too long response times) but also for your website ranking in search (Google loves fast page load speed and vice versa). As a result, a higher bounce rate leads to bad conversion rate and a lower website search ranking after all.

Today, having website page load times of over 5 seconds would be totally unacceptable for business. So, here is exactly when fast SSD hosting comes into play. SSD-based servers are considered a big step forward in data processing and storage. SSD drives can access their stored data completely in digital format, therefore, providing faster and more reliable hosting than it has been so far.

SSD webhosting is usually known as a part of shared hosting where the server resources are distributed and used collectively by multiple websites (users). As for 2021, fast SSD hosting is essential for most of every online project that has a lot of heavy content and multimedia features, such as photos, videos, chat bots, sophisticated and advanced advertising features with automated pop-ups, announcements, and so on.

Servers based on SSD technology are now being preferred by more and more hosting providers across the globe. However, far not every operator can ensure stable and smooth performance for large corporate websites or e-commerce platforms, along with high responsiveness and minimal page load speed.

Based on the live experience of many online projects both in Europe and across the globe, fast SSD webhosting is considered an ideal option for hosting a large e-commerce website or marketplace, corporate blog, or company website. Try SSD hosting from a reliable German provider to supply your web project with the highest level of reliability and stability. As here at SIM-Networks, we provide fast SSD hosting using the latest generation of enterprise-class equipment located in TIER III + data centers in Karlsruhe (Germany) certified according to ISO/IEC 27001.

Also, we can offer a custom solution and make it tailored individually to your web project, effectively combining SSD hosting with the rest of crucial things you need for high performance on budget and the latest technologies available on the market.

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