Best price!

  • Заголовок: SSD VPS XEN-M
    Fastest virtual private servers

    Processor Intel Xeon: 1 core
    RAM: 1 Gb
    SSD: 30 Gb

    Backup Storage: 20 Gb

    12.50 per month

  • Заголовок: Dedicated servers
    Reliable server with the free setup

    Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1230
    RAM: 4 Gb
    Hard drives: 2х 500 Gb

    Flexible configuration: you can choose the parameters you need

    49 per month

  • Заголовок: Protected Cloud
    High-available Cloud IaaS in Germany

    +OpenStack platform based Cloud IaaS

    +All networks components are initialy redundant

    +Computing environment is based on the powerful processor base

    +Ceph based Cloud Storage

    from 21.20 per month

  • Заголовок: Discounted prices
    Server rental is easy

    Processor: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2630
    RAM: 64 Gb
    Hard drive: 8x 600GB SAS 15K
    Broadcom RAID + BBU

    Fast server activation
    Free Setup

    390.00 per month


SIM-Cloud upgrade to 3.0
We develop SIM-Cloud with clear vision of our clients getting a product that possesses enough functionality, robustness and good value for money. As of now, our cloud solution has all the toolset necessary for most of our users.
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An alternative to Amazon: review and testing of SIM-Cloud (IaaS)
Despite the hegemony of AWS on the global market of cloud services, a keen mind always finds an excuse and an opportunity to search for an alternative to the “one and only leader”. The service that may become such an alternative is based in Karlsruhe, the IT-capital of Germany. In this a...
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Backups and hosters: some myths, some truth…
The importance of backups is hard to be overestimated, especially if the current IT environment considering. But! While the backup is the great headache pill to most of IT experts, backup is permeated with myths. Let’s demythologize it now!
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Formula of hosting-provider customer-orientation in German
Sergei Dolgushev, CEO and founder of Netversor GmbH, German hosting provider, customers since 2009 under SIM-Networks brand, shared his experience on how truly German customer-orientation is working.
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SIM-Networks Reviews

Great support: fast, professional and loyal to client. Not so cheap, but every dollar spent is worth it
I had use 2 dedicated servers during a 2 years and than migrate to cloud. Uptime is good, technical support gives a compleated answers and solving my cases in a appropriate time.
We've got a cost-effective offer for our highly loaded system. And still completely satisfied during 2 years.
If you are looking for a cheap and fast cloud, you'd be hard pushed to find anything that comes close to what you can get from sim-networks. I'm satisfied with their service, I don't have anything else to say))