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Dedicated servers built from scratch according to your specifications; employ the assistance of our experienced engineers in order to create a solution that works for your company

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If you wish to make your own dedicated server, your safest bet would be to enlist the assistance of qualified experts in the field who will be able to guide you through the process.

Any components you’d like. We do, however, have high standards in terms of security and reliability, which is why we only use components made by trusted leading global vendors (Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Supermicro etc) in order to ensure the highest quality of our servers.

Custom dedicated servers allow your business to implement any solution a dedicated server can provide to the fullest degree. You will be able to configure it to meet the exact requirements of your infrastructure’s purpose in all aspects, from the choice of hardware to the choice of OS and other software. Custom servers are also easily scalable, allowing you to upgrade them if needed.

When it comes to custom servers, there are almost no downsides to speak of, as they can be whatever you require them to be. One of the few cons of custom servers is their price: they can get quite expensive. This is offset by the fact that you have free rein to choose components in any price range. As a side note, a custom server may not be the solution for you if the needs of your company can be satisfied with a pre-configured one.

Once you send us your desired configuration using the server configurator above, our team will get back to you with an appraisal.

Any aspect of your server configuration may be changed while we’re still discussing your project. Once you approve the order and we start building your server, we will consider any requests you may have; however, we cannot guarantee that the changes will be made in a short timeframe. Our ability to quickly implement the requested adjustments will depend on whether the components in question are readily available.

Companies require varying levels of control over their server infrastructure, which is why providers offer these two choices to their clients.

A managed dedicated server is one that is constantly maintained by the provider in ways such as: component replacement, security monitoring, software updates etc. This allows the company using this model to save time on infrastructure management and spend its time on more long-term goals while the provider takes care of the basics.

Unmanaged servers are ones that are fully controlled by the client in all aspects; the only responsibility of the provider is to maintain the environment for the infrastructure to function. This option is often utilized by companies with their own approach to server management, allowing for more immediate control.

Your custom server will be activated in the range from 2 hours to 2-4 business days after the initial payment. The exact time frame depends on the availability of particular components: if we don’t have them in our warehouse, delivery time may affect it. We assure you that we will activate your server as quickly as possible.

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Why Choose Custom Servers?

If you’re looking into custom servers as a potential infrastructure solution for your business, chances are you already know all the benefits of dedicated host servers: improved performance, reliability, control etc. Custom dedicated servers offer each of those advantages while taking them to the next level.

The main advantage of customizable dedicated servers is the level of freedom and control the client has over every single aspect of their configuration, whether you want a Dell CPU or one by Intel; whether you want it to be a Windows dedicated server or a Linux dedicated server, and so on. This is often utilized to the benefit of companies that haven’t found a fitting pre-made solution on the market.

At the same time, high price points are not a necessary consequence of this high level of personalization. While it is true that some configurations may come at a premium, you have plenty of leeway when it comes to the price range of various components and software solutions, making custom servers a cost-efficient option.

One of the most important advantages of custom dedicated servers is one that doesn’t come from the servers themselves, but directly affects their ability to satisfy your company’s needs: expertise. If you decide to employ the assistance of experienced engineers to build a server for your business, you can be confident in the quality of your future infrastructure while knowing that it will meet your specific requirements.

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