Secure data centers in Europe

We house infrastructure in certified data centers in Germany and the Netherlands. These data centers in Europe provide a safe and reliable environment for our client’s data and hardware

Data Centers in Europe

TelemaxX data centers in Karlsruhe, Germany

Our server and network infrastructure is hosted in high-end TelemaxX IPC-3 and TelemaxX IPC-4 Tier III+ data centers in Karlsruhe, Germany. The data centers have been in operation since 2009 and 2011 respectively. Their focus is on providing Tier 3 hosting to enterprise business and corporate clients with high expectations with regards to reliability and safety of IT infrastructure projects.

Premises features

Guaranteed availability
Top 10
German data center operator
ISO 27001
Security management system

Power supply

The power supply systems in each of our data centers in Germany are directly connected to the urban network through two independent power lines. If the power goes out, an array of diesel-powered generators will support the data center for at least three days. A smooth transition from the regular power supply to the emergency supply is guaranteed through the use of industrial UPSs. These systems are also duplicated to increase fault tolerance.

Data center network infrastructure

All TelemaxX data centers are interconnected with a fiber-optic circle. The data center network infrastructure uses numerous redundant communication lines for outside connections. Internet access is ensured by dedicated communication lines to Tier-1 providers in Germany and the world. There is also a direct connection to the DE-CIX in Frankfurt. This is the quickest way to transfer data all over Europe, within the EU and beyond.

Physical security and access control

All data center systems are constantly monitored by a multi-circuit security system and its workability is regularly checked. Access to the data centers and the equipment is strictly controlled. Comprehensive physical security measures include different access levels, personal ID cards, digital security locks, identification systems and round-the-clock video surveillance with archiving. Racks with customer equipment are locked like bank cells.

Internal Environment Monitoring

Store data in a secure data center

Serverius data center in Dronten, the Netherlands

House your infrastructure in the Serverius SDC1 data center located in Dronten, the heart of the Netherlands. The data center has been operating on the market since 2009.

This location is perfect for projects with high traffic loads. We offer cost-effective and efficient solutions for the deployment of any sophisticated projects, as well as server colocation.

Premises features

uptime in the last 12 years
DDoS protected IP Subnet
ISO 27001
and NEN 7510 certified

Power supply

The power in the data center comes from its own power supply ring. This ring is a part of the central Dutch «Flevo Ring». The data center is also equipped with powerful diesel generators and batteries that will ensure the smooth operation of the entire data center infrastructure in case of any power failures.

Network communications

The data center is connected to several transit providers, each of them connected through a port running at least 10 Gbps. They are part of a 150 Gbps network, which is based on 320 Gbps duplicated connection lines with multiple data centers in Amsterdam. The traffic routing configuration always chooses the shortest path for transferring data.

Internal Environment Monitoring Netherlands

Fire protection systems

The data center is divided into four fire protection zones. The early fire detection system is triggered at the slightest signs of smoke. Fires are put out using the gaseous fire suppression system.

Physical security and access control

The data center is surrounded by a 250 m2 electric fence with a voltage of 10,000 volts. The fence is connected to a perimeter breach detection system. The premises, as well as the adjacent territories, are under 24/7 video surveillance. Multilevel access control reliably protects the premises from unauthorized entry and possible damage.

Store data in a secure data center

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