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Our multilingual tech support team is always available and ready to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

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Your IT infrastructure will be located in secure ISO/IEC 27001-certified data centers in Karlsruhe, Germany.

High availability

High uptime values are guaranteed; we hold ourselves to the strictest standards regarding availability.

Quick recovery

Should any unexpected failures happen, contact us and our team of experts will respond within 1 hour.


Dedicated server hosting, as opposed to shared server hosting, is a service model that allows you to utilize the entire bare metal server solely for the needs of your company. In other words, the server is dedicated to you; no need to share it with other users. As a rule, dedicated servers are more expensive than shared hosting, but the overall increase in quality makes them worth the investment.

Companies require varying levels of control over their server infrastructure, which is why providers offer these two choices to their clients.

A managed dedicated server is one that is constantly maintained by the provider in ways such as: component replacement, security monitoring, software updates etc. This allows the company using this model to save time on infrastructure management and spend its time on more long-term goals while the provider takes care of the basics.

Unmanaged servers are ones that are fully controlled by the client in all aspects; the only responsibility of the provider is to maintain the environment for the infrastructure to function. This option is often utilized by companies with their own approach to server management, allowing for more immediate control.

A server cluster is a system of multiple dedicated servers (also known as ‘nodes’) under centralized management. This solution is the epitome of fault tolerance: if one node within the system happens to fail, all of its workloads will immediately be transferred to another one. This way, all of your services will stay up and the failure will go unnoticed by the users.

Our engineers will make any changes to the configuration of your infrastructure if needed. After the changes are made, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

We provide up to 100 Gb of special storage space with our server configurations, free of charge (excluding the “Start” configuration). This space may be used for anything, including backups. You can also order additional storage space on-demand.

Any kind you’d like. The most popular ones include cPanel, Plesk, ISPmanager, VestaCP and others. We provide various web hosting control panels within our configurations; ISPmanager licenses are available for purchase.

Every dedicated server configuration comes with a default bandwidth of 100 Mbps, which works for most of our clients. This can be expanded to 1 Gbps or more for an additional fee.

All of our clients get root access to the server by default. We recommend that you change the root user’s password as soon as your server is set up in order to ensure that you’re the only one with authorized credentials.

If you wish to employ the services of our support engineers, you will have to grant them temporary access to the OS so that they can make the necessary adjustments. Alternatively, you could purchase our server administration service and grant our experts permanent access. We can also provide you with an IP KVM on-demand.

You can use your own ISO image by enabling an IPMI connection. In order to do this, please contact our support team.

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Choosing a dedicated server: why & how

When looking for a service that will satisfy the requirements of your business, it is important to understand why this particular one is the choice for you and how to pick the right solution within it.

Dedicated root servers are a great fit for any business that is looking to move up from shared hosting. If you’re expecting more traffic to come your way, your shared hosting server may not be able to handle it adequately, as its resources are divided between users. Dedicated hosting solves this issue by devoting all of its capabilities to your company.

Not having to share infrastructure with other clients allows for more control in all aspects, from the ability to choose your hardware configuration to the choice of operating systems and control panels. This way, your company will be able to make the most out of its serv…

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