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Our latest promo deals

SIM-Networks supports the struggle of the Ukrainian people and offers free hosting resources for:

  • volunteers and other NGOs;
  • medical establishments;
  • paramilitary organizations;
  • non-profit psychological assistance projects;
  • schools and educational establishments.

Free website migration to SIM-Networks’ data center in Europe will be provided for free as part of the offer. The offer stands in perpetuity: the free hosting resources will be available for use with no time limit.

If you wish to take advantage of the special offer, reach out to us using any method you prefer:

The company reserves the right to refuse service as part of the special offer without providing further explanation.

Free hosting for schools and educational projects

The school year is in full swing, but pupils are isolated at home by quarantine. How to ensure the study process continuity? Due to information technologies, the interaction between teachers and pupils can be realized in many options If you need to create non-profit educational web-projects, contact SIM-Networks right now! We will help you to host your projects for schoolchildren, students, applicants on the Internet on an excellent German hosting, and we will also select a domain for it. And all this is entirely free for you!

Free hosting for non-commercial medical consulting

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all people need to keep abreast of the current situations in health developments. But besides informing about the necessary means of preventing coronavirus infection and other useful things, the usual consultations and medical advice on how to avoid seasonal diseases, etc., are still in demand. Therefore, for those doctors who want to inform users for free on health issues and disease prevention, we can also provide free hosting and a domain for their projects.

Free hosting for lay counselling by humanitarian organizations

Nowadays free psychological support and lay counselling are among the most popular humanitarian activities. It is the sad truth that now we are all going through a challenging time – the uncertainty associated with the pandemic, the excessive escalation of anxiety by various media manipulators, especially in social networks, keep us in extreme exertion. Many people feel insecurity, panic, apathy, and other negative emotions.

Fortunately, some of the professional psychologists and non-professional volunteers are ready at this challenging time to provide psychological assistance to anyone who needs support. If you are organizing such an online project and are looking for a hosting and domain for it, SIM-Networks will be happy to help your mission.

Contact the Customer Care department to take part in the promo deal.

Got interested in our services but doubt your ability to relocate your website to another hosting provider? We are here to help you! Our experts are available 24/7

What you get at no charge:

  • Guidance through all the stages, from selecting the system configuration to data migration
  • Assistance in data relocation from other hosting providers to SIM-Networks
  • Assistance in testing your infrastructure within a new platform in case you move it to SIM-Cloud from another cloud
  • Setup and basic settings of a dedicated server within SIM-Networks data centers

Important notice. Project data migration is agreed upon on a case by case basis. The possibility of a charge-free migration is decided upon only after the SIM-Networks Customer Care expert evaluates the human resource allocation needed for a migration.

+1 month webhosting/VPS as a gift Get a complimentary extra month in addition to your prepaid webhosting/VDS package. The offer includes free website relocation in the following cases

  • migrating from other web hosting providers to our servers; from webhosting, VPS and dedicated servers
  • migrating from shared hosting on VDS, to the reliable and fast-operating SIM-Networks servers
  • migrating from VPS or shared hosting to a dedicated server located within SIM-Networks data centers

Contact the Customer Care department to take part in the promo deal.

Are you our client using SIM-Networks products for longer than one month? Well, you definitely have an opinion. Your feedback to our service and products is formed regardless of whether it’s your first experience being a hosting provider’s customer or whether you migrated to us from another one. Please use the testimonials section to let us know what you think!

Your feedback is really important to us! That’s the only way our expertise and customer care can improve, and we can offer the best IT solutions to our clients. And now we propose you to take some time taking part in our permanent offer "5 minutes for €5".

We buy only 5 minutes of your time for €5 and all we’re asking of you is to give us some honest feedback (using a link to your web site) at one of the web sources:


Your +€5 bonus will be available in your account at the SIM-Networks billing system, if:

  • you have been a SIM-Networks client for 1 month and longer;
  • you have purchased any SIM-Networks products and services;
  • you have submitted your testimonial at the one of the web sources listed above;
  • you have contacted our Customer Care service via the ticket system with the following details:
  • your billing login;
  • a full text of the testimonial;
  • link to the page with the testimonial.

Your €5 bonus can only be applied for purchasing any SIM-Networks products and services.

The bonus will only be given once. Note that you can take part in the "5 minutes for €5" promo again only after another 6 (six) months of your client experience!

Contact the Customer Care department to take part in the promo deal.

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