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Edward, Your Company chose SIM-Networks in the course of search for solutions of specific tasks. What was it, what tasks did you face and did you solve them?

The global task was the selection of the powerful hosting-provider suitable for us in the range of parameters. The first parameter is geographical. The European hosting was required to place PDC between the USA, Ukraine and Romania. The second moment is technical: data exchange speed, waiting periods. The third is legislative: it was very important for customers from the USA hosting-provider to be fallen within the jurisdiction of the EU, in particular what concerns access and data storage (customers’ data cannot be stored in Ukraine). One more important limitation was equipment that could not be our property. In such case it would impose upon us limitations relating US accounting law: we should pay double lease.

At the first stage we just collected information, the list of potential hosting-partners consisted around 30 companies. What immediately caught the eye – we had to wait for answers on the requests. In average around 4-5 working days. I can mind back only one company answering fast – we received their answers in 3 days. We were uncomfortable with that. We think that already at this manager level the company demonstrates its SLA. At one point I remembered of the meeting with SIM-Networks’ representative and addressed to you.

Lohika Company is specialized in the development of software and engineering solutions for corporate segment. Consists in Altran group of companies. SIM-Networks is for some time now a permanent hosting-partner of the company providing powers for development – IT-department of Lohika Company created with our help a private cloud for its customer projects. About how work is going with SIM-Networks, Edward Smishlyayev, IT-Director of Lohika Company, told us in a short interview.

How did the cooperation happen?

From the very beginning we were gratefully surprised by the reaction speed on the requests, especially on the background of the other hosters – we received the answer on our first request in 5 minutes. It was fast and, foremost, transparent price calculation. Even in the matters requiring more time for the answer and technical evaluation, the manager was keeping us informed on what was going on. The hoster was not for us a “black box”, we were always aware of what was going on by our potential partner.

It should be noted very important for us data center technical parameter – ping time. In SIM-Networks it made up around 30-50 ms. In other European hosters considered by us we faced with indexes at the level of 200-300 ms. And, what is either important, your prices were a lot lower.

I should straightly note that the alternative of the public cloud or low-cost was not taken into consideration by us – we store customers’ data. For this reason we could not take into consideration Amazon.

Why not low-cost? People say it is cheaper?

Still for this reason – customers’ data. Matters of security and access thereto are critical. This is the first. The second is hoster’s infrastructure fail-safety and disaster tolerance. Data in our cloud shall be accessible 24/7. Besides, flexible scaling is important for us: today customers use one extant of data, tomorrow the data extant will increase and more space is required, more power – and shall be able to respond thereon flexible.

How did you built your private cloud in SIM-Networks?

Let’s start from the requirements to our infrastructure. It’s enterprise level. We used НРЕ equipment whereto we lease VMware licenses. Virtual appliances data backup provides virtual solutions Veeam which are perfectly integrated into VMware solutions. For disaster tolerance provision we were searching for the provider whose infrastructure network nodes might be doubled acc. to N+1 scheme. SIM-Networks held everything necessary for the structure we came up with.

Now in our SIM-Networks cloud VMware Enterprise Cluster HA, DRS with high accessibility plus EVC are developed. In our infrastructure vSAN Distributed Storage and required traffic balancer are either developed. For channels coding a gateway Cisco ASA is used.

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Private Cloud

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Do you use popular now OpenSource-solutions in your IT-infrastructure?

Something five years ago we faced a question on deployment of testing environment for developers. Currently two clouds are have been deployed. They are used both in the labs where programmers/testers deploy and test their projects. Clouds are located locally and built on OpenSource-solutions. For this infrastructure we used equipment which could not be used for production. In this case critical level of the data within this environment is not so important, that’s why we use OpenSource solutions only for their internal developmental needs. We provided access to API for our developers and continuously help our programmers to automatized processes.

How is currently your private cloud used in SIM-Networks?

60% of capacities we use for our needs – for production, 40% are used by our customers.

Can you tell in detail about your customers using the cloud, if you may, of course?

There are 5-6 Silicon Valley start-ups among our customers using our cloud. We do not resale capacities, we provide the customers with the capacities within the projects. Plus within the frames of cooperation we support customer cloud IT-infrastructure.

Do you plan to expand your cloud?

Of course, our strategic plans include expansion of the service package offered by us and provide our capacities for lease. This will help to develop and improve our own cloud infrastructure used by the customers.

What can you say about technical support and cooperation with SIM-Networks? Praising is unnecessary :) If there are some lapses, we’ll correct them :)

Since cloud deployment up to the moment of some multiple technical specifications being in majority in such massive cloud projects – all this is beyond all praises!

For 1,5 year of cooperation there were no problems – your administrators always processes all our requests and wishes.




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