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What Are the Advantages of RDP Server Rental?

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What Are the Differences Between Remote Work Solutions?

When choosing solutions for remote work, it is important to understand the differences between them. A terminal server is a solution that allows multiple computers to connect to one machine while using the same OS. When you rent a remote desktop server, you can only access it once at a time per machine. Remote apps allow you to access applications deployed in a remote server without having to use an entire desktop.

There is one important thing these solutions have in common: we can create and deploy any of them for you.

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Terminal servers are a good fit for small and medium businesses. Users access their own segments of a single server. This is made possible through the use of hypervisors. While this solution will satisfy the requirements of a business with a limited staff, its limitations may start to show when applied to larger ones.

This largely depends on the scope of an individual project. Contact us using the form above and we will get back to you so that we can discuss the timeframe.

Terminal servers are a good solution for a given company’s internal security, as no data is stored on the user’s local desktop. Our terminal servers are protected by multiple layers of security measures, both on the digital level and on the physical level. Security systems in our data centers protect the servers themselves while VPNs provide secure remote access to the terminal servers.

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