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Use Apple software without paying for Apple hardware with Mac dedicated server rental. Work with macOS applications on any machine, anytime and anywhere in the world

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Mac Mini server is a version of the desktop Mac Mini designed to function as a server. The small size, low power consumption and the relatively low cost make Mac Mini servers popular among small to midsized businesses. However, the Mac Mini can only handle a limited amount of users and traffic due to its hardware limitations.

Mac Pro server is the server version of Mac Pro. This machine is more suitable for heavier workloads both in hosting and development due to the improvements in hardware compared to the Mac Mini server.

We are willing and ready to discuss any custom project you have in mind. If you are interested in ordering a custom Mac Server configuration, please, send us a message using the form below and our Customer Care team will contact you.

This function is supported by macOS and can be easily set up on the Mac Mini.

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Why Rent Dedicated MacOS Servers?

Apple offers a variety of tools that will be of benefit to any developer or business owner; however, their computers can get quite expensive and purchasing them may not be the most cost-effective solution for you. MacOS servers offer all the advantages of Apple applications while ridding you of the need to buy their machines.

The macOS server works perfectly as a testing environment for any software meant for use with macOS or iOS. It is easily understandable that buying an Apple computer (or even multiple) solely for the purposes of testing may not be the right choice for your IT budget. Mac dedicated server rental handily solves this issue by providing the necessary infrastructure with the pay-as-you-go model. The same can be said of XCode development: if your company needs to provide its employees with access to the environment, the most cost-efficient option would be to rent a Mac server.

Mac dedicated servers are also a convenient solution for cross-platform Xamarin development through the use unified code base for Windows, Android and iOS. You will be able to create apps using your preferred OS while only having to modify a small portion of code for each platform. Mac servers work quite well for file sharing and storage due to the fact that macOS supports this function by design. You can easily set up a macOS FTP server and access all of your files from any location.

Finally, Mac server rental is a great solution for any business that requires macOS hosting. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of dedicated hosting and manage any number of websites through the interface of

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