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VPS/VDS hosting services based on high-end hardware in data centers in Germany. Virtual private servers offer high levels of control, performance and security

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Our multilingual tech support team is always available and ready to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

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Your IT infrastructure will be located in secure ISO/IEC 27001-certified data centers in Karlsruhe, Germany.

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High uptime values are guaranteed; we hold ourselves to the strictest standards regarding availability.

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Should any unexpected failures happen, contact us and our team of experts will respond within 1 hour.


No difference whatsoever. These are different terms that refer to the exact same thing.

We provide the choice of two virtualization platforms: VMware ESXi if you wish to buy Windows VPS hosting and XEN if you wish to buy Linux VPS packages instead. There are multiple OS options available for each of these alternatives. You may request a dedicated IP for your virtual private server, if needed. Additional data storage space and RAM may also be requested on-demand.

The answer to this question depends on whether you want to manage your VPS yourself. Unmanaged servers are ones that are fully controlled by the user, which would require a degree of familiarity with infrastructure management. You can, however, opt to have the server be managed for you by the provider, which would require zero technical skill on your part.

Shared hosting and virtual dedicated servers are both based on infrastructure used by multiple clients; the main difference between them is that VPS servers are, essentially, isolated segments of that infrastructure. This allows virtual private servers to provide greater performance and stability, as the traffic of other websites on the infrastructure cannot affect the volume of traffic your VPS can handle.

VPS servers also provide more customization options that traditional hosting: your segment of the infrastructure is yours to do with as you require. This includes more leeway in terms of resource management, more software options (including operating systems) and root access.

The choice between dedicated servers and virtual dedicated servers comes down to your company’s needs and IT budget capabilities.

Virtual servers are a better solution for clients that don’t necessarily expect constant high traffic loads, as the resources of your VPS can be scaled up or down on-demand while the price is adjusted accordingly. Meanwhile, dedicated servers are the option for you if you’re confident that you’ll be making good use out of their full capabilities without overpaying for resources you’re not currently using.

One of the main differences between public clouds and virtual servers is that clouds are located on multiple servers, as opposed to VPS, which is a segment of a single one. Increased fault-tolerance and reliability are a natural consequence of this fact; all the servers hosting the cloud would have to fail simultaneously for the failure to be critical. This also leads to increased scaling capabilities, since the user is not limited by the resources of one machine. However, these benefits are the reason for the price difference between VPS and public clouds: the latter option tends to be more expensive.

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Why should I choose virtual private servers?

VPS hosting is a solution that manages to provide high quality while staying within a reasonable price range. This sought-after balance is one of the main selling points of virtual dedicated servers. Let us look into how virtual dedicated servers benefit the companies that use them and how these companies save money in the meantime.

Virtual private servers are isolated segments of a physical server allotted to one client. This is why they’re often called «virtual dedicated servers»: the resources within these segments are fully dedicated to their respective users. Most advantages of VPS hosting are possible due to this fact, the key advantage being high performance. The risk of other users affecting it by using more resources for their own traffic loads is completely eliminated, allowing you to use your infrastructure to its ful…

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