Competent support 24/7/365

Customer Care is the single entry point connecting SIM-Networks to our customers. No need to waste your time contacting separate departments; our Customer Care will help you

Customer Care

Premium-level support

We work for you round-the-clock and we speak your language.

If you want to clarify the details of your service plan, find the most scalable infrastructural solution, get a promo offer and much more, you’re in the right place.

We will solve any issues quickly, competently, and efficiently. Contact us any day, any time and from anywhere; we will respond to you immediately. If you’re interested in technical details, we will involve our Technical Support specialists.

What else does SIM-Networks offer?

Something went wrong? We’ve got you covered

SIM-Networks has an ironclad SLA which guarantees the highest performance of our services. When we say that our Tech Support works around the clock, we mean it.

Our Technical Support team works 24/7/365:

  • The Support admins work in offices in various time-zones;
  • Technical engineers work in the data centers and constantly monitor the equipment;
  • Our response time is less than one hour; the time needed to resolve an issue may vary depending on the complexity, but is within 24 hours.

Other services we offer

Our specialists will provide full or partial infrastructure management services on-demand for an additional fee. Contact us to request our administration services.

Employ the assistance of our engineers to work with the equipment in our data centers remotely. Contact us and we will make all necessary changes to the hardware.

Contact us. We are always ready to help

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