Customer Care: we are always there for you!

customer-care banner
customer-care banner
SIM-Networks Customer Care is the only entry point connecting us to our customers. It is fast, it is proficient, and it is comfortable for you – you don’t have to search for contact information for other departments.

We speak multiple languages (EN, DE, RU, UA) and we work for you 24/7/365.

Do you want to clarify the details of your service plan? Do you need to find the best solution for your infrastructure configuration scalability? Are you interested in our sales and rental equipment promo offers? Have you got any questions in regards to the document flow or the billing? We will help you to get those (and much more!) things straight easy and fast. If your issues is purely technical, we involve our highly-qualified 24/7 available Tech Support experts to solve the process.

Our Customer Care is always ready to serve you: every day, every hour, any moment in time. You can contact us both during your business hours and on a day-off, from any place in the world, and you always get a competent and prompt response.

How to contact our Customer Care?

SIM-Networks has the strictest possible requirements to the professional expertise of our employees. Because of that you can be sure that you will get the necessary consultation in a professional manner. The SLA is the main KPI for us to evaluate the quality of our service – our standards are among the highest in the industry. In other words, when we say that our Tech Support works around the clock – we mean it.

Our Technical Support team works 24/7/365. The support admins work in the office, while the technicians work in the data centers. SIM-Networks staff engineers are always working on the premises to monitor the normal operation of the hardware, and they are available to solve any issue any time.

Our professional and competent technical support has unprecedented performance:

  • response time - less that one hour;
  • time to resolve an issue may vary depending on the complexity but is well within 24 hours.


Tech Support is managed via ticket system

Terms of submitting an inquiry to the Tech Support team.
Apart from the technical support, our clients often request system administration, which is not limited to an ordinary help routine (for example, you need to install and configure a set of programs and ensure the performance of corporate e-mail server is as expected). This requires an additional level of support service and is billed separately. The administration costs depend on the complexity and the duration of the work performed. Please submit requests for these services to our support team.
For the servers located in our data centers, the remote hands service is available starting from 16 EUR/15 minutes.
For VDS or dedicated servers, you can also order the following:

Basic service:

  • constant system services monitoring (ssh, host_status, apache, mail) and server restart, and other maintenance works when required;
  • email notifications on the monitored events.

Extended service:

  • basic service;
  • extended system monitoring (load, traffic etc.);
  • installation of critical and security updates for the operating system (provided that the operating system is on the list of supported systems);
  • 1 hour of admin work per month to support user platform/applications;
  • server data backup.

Full service:

  • extended service (only if the OS is on the list of supported systems);
  • full support for custom applications and configurations (max. 8 hours/month).

Please note that all participants of our PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM can get top-notch tech support 24/7/365 for all their projects located on our hosting resources.