S3-compatible storage in the cloud

Store infinite amounts of data in our scalable S3 storage. Your data will be kept in certified data centers in Germany, where it will be protected from all potential threats

Cloud Storage

4 reasons to rent our reliable S3 storage

Order your ultimate storage solution

S3-compatible data storage

  • Unlimited volume of data and infinite objects
  • Storage capacity from 500 Gb and more
  • Easy scaling on-demand via SIM-Cloud Dashboard
  • Instant activation
  • Cost-effectiveness

from 11.00 €/mo

What else do we offer?

Quality guarantee

Tech support 24/7

Our multilingual tech support team is always available and ready to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

Certified data centers

Your IT infrastructure will be located in secure ISO/IEC 27001-certified data centers in Karlsruhe, Germany.

High availability

High uptime values are guaranteed; we hold ourselves to the strictest standards regarding availability.

Quick recovery

Should any unexpected failures happen, contact us and our team of experts will respond within 1 hour.


S3 storage is deployed in the cloud, meaning that its capacity is not limited by the resources of one machine. This is how it provides infinite scaling and allows an unlimited volume of data to be stored. S3 is an object storage solution; within it, the objects are organized into buckets, which you can think of as the equivalent of folders. Buckets are a convenient and secure data management tool.

The main benefit of S3-compatible object storage is its infinite scalability: technical limitations will no longer be a concern. Moreover, S3 manages to remain an affordable solution: you only pay for the amount of storage space you’re using. We guarantee high availability of our storage, as well as reliable data security. Our data centers provide the best conditions for the infrastructure S3 is based on.

The total amount of data you can store in S3 is unlimited. However, a single object in a bucket cannot be larger than 5 TB.

Any type of data in whichever format you’d prefer. Use S3 for general data storage and backup storage, Big Data analytics, media archives and so on.

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Why choose S3 storage?

S3 storage is a service that manages to provide great capabilities while remaining affordable. This makes it an ideal solution for any company, no matter the size or the budget.

Whether you need to work with Big Data analytics or you simply need to store media archives, S3-compliant storage is the answer. The total volume of data you can store is unlimited, which is why it’s often used for storing large objects. However, you are free to use any amount of storage space and pay for just that. No need to spend Big Data budgets on video storage: the price will be adjusted accordingly.

S3 is also perfect as a cloud backup solution for similar reasons: the growth of your services and systems will not hinder your ability to create and store reserve copies. Furthermore, using S3 as a cloud backup service will save you money and s…

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