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SIM Cloud: our secure IaaS cloud infrastructure based on modern data centers in Germany. Scale your IT infrastructure efficiently and let it grow with your business

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Public cloud services allow your business to increase its IT capabilities at a lower cost and at a higher rate than if you were to maintain your own infrastructure. The infrastructure as a service model rids you of the need to buy more hardware as your business grows and you can increase or decrease the amount of resources you’re using according to your needs. Maintenance costs are the responsibility of your IaaS provider. Your data will also be much more disaster-proof in the public cloud due to the backup services offered by providers. However, the public IaaS doesn’t allow for as much control over resources as the private cloud due to multi tenancy. It is also true that public cloud infrastructure is not seen as suitable for certain types of sensitive data such as medical records or banking information.

The public cloud offers high levels of security. The “tenants” of the public cloud cannot affect each other’s data or interact with each other in any way. They are completely isolated using the KVM hypervisor and all network traffic is protected by VXLAN. You may also employ any other security measures in addition to the ones provided by us. The risks of security breaches are extremely low; most security concerns that are sometimes brought up when talking about public clouds are due to the fact that the infrastructure is maintained by a third party. With a reliable provider, this is not a significant issue.

The IaaS cloud will fulfill the needs of any recently founded business that is quickly gaining momentum and can’t afford to buy more and more expensive hardware. This also motivates many startups to choose public clouds. It is the perfect solution for any business that is unable or simply unwilling to maintain its own infrastructure due to factors such as their IT budget or the lack of physical space. Businesses which find themselves in need of 24/7 access to data stored in the cloud regardless of the user’s location will also benefit from migrating to cloud based infrastructure.

In order to satisfy the needs of every client and to balance the workloads in the clouds, we have prepared 32 basic VM configurations, ranging from 1vCore/1Gb RAM to 32vCore/192Gb RAM. Those configurations fulfill the needs of our clients in 99% of cases. We also set up individual VM configurations for larger projects. Each configuration offers at least 1 static IPv4 (public) + IPv6, unlimited 100 Mb/s channel for each project, Basic V Router up to 100 Mbit/s. You can choose the type and the capacity of disk space, the additional capacity of the remote disk space for reserve copies, an additional VRouter, and the necessary amount of public IPv4+IPv6. Entire subnetworks may be provided if needed.

In order to launch projects in the cloud quickly and easily, we provide a list of available images of operating systems ready for use in the cloud. By default, all available OS images ready for installation in SIM-Cloud are unlicensed trial versions. Software licensing is solely the responsibility of the client. You may purchase the licenses yourself, use previously acquired licenses or employ the services of SIM-Networks in order to purchase them. Clients are prohibited from installing their own OS images by default. This prohibition is due to high level security requirements of the SIM-Cloud. Installation of operating systems outside of our list may be discussed individually. Contact our tech support team and we will find a way to assist you.

SIM-Networks provides the following services: cloud migration, Backup-as-a-Service, VPN-as-a-Service, NAT-as-a-Service, DNS-as-a-Service, Notification-as-a-Service.

You can manage your SIM-Cloud resources through the SIM-Cloud Dashboard or through API.

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How to Choose a Public Cloud

When deciding to rent cloud infrastructure, one should keep their options open and ask themselves these basic questions:

  • What kind of virtualization technology was used for cloud building?
  • How does a given IT infrastructure provider ensure cloud security and data protection?
  • Is this cloud infrastructure high-availability and what type of redundancy does it use?
  • What kinds of instances are available in the cloud? Is it a cloud in the first place or is it a set of dedicated virtual servers?

When searching for a cloud solution for their business, one should be careful: not all services that are advertised as “cloud solutions” are genuine clouds. Some providers offer a virtual server (VPS) deployed in a cluster of two or more dedicated servers instead. This environment is far from a genuine cloud solution and users who rent these types of quasi-cloud VPS won’t enjoy all the benefits of using an actual cloud. The only tangible advantage of such a solution is its low price. It doesn’t offer any sort of resource scalability or flexibility in terms of workload management. Users of «cloud VPS» solutions cannot customize network connections between virtual machines deployed in the cloud using virtualized routing or VPN set-ups, as opposed to the SIM-Cloud IaaS.

Users of IT solutions within the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model can use different storage types for various kinds of data and apps in their cloud projects. They can use general storage for applications with a typical or high workload and cold storage for backups. The SIM-Cloud IaaS also offers its customers high-performance storage and a wide range of XaaS, including Backup-as-a-Service, VPN-as-a-Service, NAT-as-a-Service, DNS-as-a-Service, Notification-as-a-Service, etc., as well as many many features not supported by the “cloud VPS”.

When building the secure high-availability SIM-Cloud, we implemented cutting-edge technological solutions to ensure that our IaaS is up to the highest quality standards.

SIM-Cloud IaaS is a protected public cloud based on reliable enterprise-class servers, network equipment, and software manufactured by leading global vendors. It was created by a team of top-notch engineers using OpenStack, the most popular cloud-operating platform utilized by leading IT industry players, e.g., IBM, AT&T, Canonical, HP, Nebula, Rackspace, Red Hat, SUSE.

We understand the cloud IaaS to be a solution that must ensure physical security of the core infrastructure, high-availability, a fail-safe work environment and data security. SIM-Networks, a reliable German provider of IaaS solutions and IT systems, manages its cloud protection on these levels:

Deployment of SIM-Cloud Infrastructure in Tier III and Tier III+ class datacenters, certified by ISO/IEC 27001, and located in Karlsruhe, Germany. We utilize enterprise-level computing equipment in order to build high-available and high-performing infrastructure with N+1 resource redundancy. Each rack is an element of a scalable system. Even if a whole rack fails, this will have no impact on the system's workability. We also ensure reliable isolation of each customer within the multi-tenant cloud IaaS. All users are ‘invisible’ to each other due to software-based isolation measures and cannot affect each other’s data in any way, which ensures total confidentiality. Renting our OpenStack-based cloud solution gives you a reliable tool to efficiently solve various practical tasks, from the creation of a single virtual server (instance) to the deployment of a massive corporate IT infrastructure in the cloud. This way, our cloud solutions will be a good fit for businesses of all sizes. SIM-Networks, the German Cloud IaaS provider, employs a customer-centric and individual approach to every project. Our Customer Care is always ready to help you. In addition, we provide migration services to our cloud environment free of charge.

The task of setting up a cloud server must be approached from an informed position. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and give you as much information as possible about the SIM-Cloud IaaS and everything related to it. Contact our Customer Care via chat or by email.

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