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The private cloud is a safe, high-performing solution for your business. Our private cloud services provide flexible management and an individual approach to each project

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The private cloud is an isolated cloud infrastructure used by one client only. This means that scaling and deployment of resources are only limited by the needs of a given business and the limitations of the hardware itself. No need to share resources with other users. Development environments and data analysis tools in the agricultural sector are both good examples of the private cloud.

The private cloud is a good choice for any business that requires a solution specific to its particular needs, flexibility in terms of configuration and high-level data security. Your business will benefit from using the private cloud if you require more customization capabilities that the public cloud has to offer. Private clouds are also used in spheres that demand extra attention to data security, such as: banks, various institutions in the public sector, medical and telecom businesses, IT companies etc.

The price of a private cloud depends on the volume of resources a given client requires, as well as their choice of hardware. This includes: hardware configuration, cloud architecture, storage capacity, RAM, CPUs etc.

A virtual private cloud (VPC) is an isolated segment of a public cloud used by one client only. This isolation is done through the use of a private IP subnetwork. Essentially, this segment functions like a private cloud while being located on the provider’s public infrastructure. Virtual networks (including VLAN) and encrypted channels are used for connection.

The scalability and configuration capabilities of the public cloud have an upper limit due to multi tenancy, unlike the private cloud which is created and managed with consideration of the needs of a specific company. While the risk of data leaks or data loss is extremely low in the public cloud, private cloud solutions offer additional security. This is why the private cloud is better suited for sensitive data or critically important services.

If you want to build a private cloud, your best bet would be to entrust a dedicated team of experts who can create the exact kind of cloud your business needs with this task.

Private cloud architecture is one of the most secure cloud solutions. Security is ensured by the total isolation of your infrastructure, as well as additional measures offered by providers. This is why secure private clouds are often used for critically important and confidential data.

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Public vs private cloud

The public cloud is a collection of publically-available resources under centralized management. The term “public” implies nothing but the fact that these resources can be used by multiple clients; there is no interaction between users whatsoever.

The private cloud is a physically isolated independent pool of resources from multiple virtual machines integrated into a single architecture. This pool is used for deploying a given company’s corporate solutions.

In other words, private cloud rental provides a separate solution tuned to the client’s specific needs while storing it on isolated hardware in a data center. This solution ensures that the user gets the highest level of confidentiality and control.

The private cloud is created from scratch according to specifications provided by the client; it exists autonomo…

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