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Order our package of services for remote working. We will provide all the necessary tools for your employees to work anywhere and for you to effectively manage your business

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What Makes Our Remote Workplaces a Reliable Choice?

Remote Work Solutions

When you order our remote office, you get a package of essential services that constitute the foundation of any company’s corporate toolkit. We guarantee high availability, high performance and security for all services within this solution. Our high-end hardware makes this possible.

We know how to deploy a solution quickly while tailoring it to your company’s needs. Whether you want us to deploy your office in the cloud or in dedicated servers, we will accommodate.

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The remote office is a great way of organizing remote work. This solution includes all necessary tools for your business, from remote desktop servers to corporate telephony. It is also highly customizable: you get to choose what your remote office includes. We create solutions for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

It is, however, important to note that ready-for-use solutions aren’t for everyone. If your company has specific requirements that cannot be satisfied with pre-existing solutions, you may want to invest in infrastructure to deploy your own instead.

The details largely depend on the particular project. However, the organization of this transition is fully our responsibility. We know how to make your transition to the remote office a smooth experience.

Your remote workplace will be completely secure. The RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) ensures that no data will be stored on local machines, making it a great choice for internal security. We also use measures such as connection encryption and various security systems within our data centers.

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