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Learn about the mission, main principles and history of SIM-Networks, a German IT infrastructure provider with over 10 years of experience on the market

About SIM-Networks Company

SIM-Networks Mission Statement: Your Goals, our Tech

SIM-Networks Team

Over the course of more than 10 years in the industry, we have become intimately familiar with the issues businesses face when looking for a reliable IT foundation. Companies often struggle with maintaining and modernizing IT infrastructure on their own. This process takes manpower, time, and money that would have been better spent on core business goals. Meanwhile, big worldwide providers are focused on selling one-size-fits-all solutions, leaving clients with no support in many vital issues.

With this experience in mind, we set out to create a service that helps businesses grow by making sure that their IT infrastructure is a secure and stable environment rather than a burden. We believe that top-tier hardware and personalized service are the two puzzle pieces that make our approach work. The former helps companies achieve their long-term goals without interruptions; the latter guarantees that the technological solution is built to match the client’s vision.

We offer more than just computing platforms; our mission is to be a partner to every company that works with us. Our team achieves this by creating unique projects from scratch, supporting and consulting clients 24/7, and making sure that IT foundations continue to grow and develop as businesses reach new heights. With SIM-Networks, your goals come first; our job is to use our tech to help you reach them.

Core Values

Your Certified Partner

The History of SIM-Networks


Overcoming challenges

Despite the global crisis, we continue to develop and help where we can. We released a significant update for our site to improve the user’s experience from the first moments of getting to know the company. We also launched a campaign in support of Ukrainian businesses, which makes the transfer of data to a secure environment easier and quicker.


2nd SIM-Cloud Availability Zone

We’ve been updating the SIM-Cloud since its launch to improve the client’s experience. With the launch of the 2nd availability zone, clients can now deploy services based on fully independent instances. This feature increases the availability, scalability and fault tolerance of the SIM-Cloud by 2 times.

SIM-Networks History


Customer Base Growth

Our commitment to improvement brings results. The quality of our solutions and our focus on customer satisfaction led to our client base growing by a factor of 2. We keep using our experience to provide a higher level of service. The success we’ve had in 2020 proves that this approach earns customer trust.

SIM-Networks History


Experience and Development

2018 was a period of intense growth of our expertise. The number of clients grew significantly and we successfully tackled a wide range of complex cases. This invaluable experience continues to serve our team and our clients in terms of the technological aspects and in terms of internal business processes.

SIM-Networks History


The Launch of SIM-Cloud

We began to expand our range of services and developed our own modern public cloud – SIM-Cloud IaaS. It became our flagship product due to its convenience and reliability soon. This was a natural step for us due to our focus on technological development and the betterment of our infrastructural solutions.

SIM-Networks History


East European Office

The growth of our client base led to the opening of SIM-Networks Ukraine – our office in Kyiv. Our attitude towards customer service informed this decision: we wished to provide 24/7 support in the customer’s language. Representation in Eastern Europe made it easier to guarantee high quality to our clients.

SIM-Networks History


Recognized Leaders

Our position as leaders on the infrastructure market was officially affirmed when we ranked at the top of the list in independent polls of customer satisfaction. The quality of the customer’s experience on every stage of cooperation has always been our top priority, and our clients can attest to that.

SIM-Networks History


Relocation to TelemaxX

Once we made the decision to move on to hosting services, we relocated our infrastructure to the TelemaxX data center in Karlsruhe, Germany. This allowed our engineers to manage and monitor servers directly. We expanded to three data centers later: a second one in Karlsruhe and a third one in the Netherlands.

SIM-Networks History


The Creation of SIM-Networks

As we expanded to the markets of Eastern Europe, we registered a new trademark that was better-suited to our direction: SIM-Networks. We saw that we could provide a high level of care for clients on these markets in terms of products, solutions and support. This is exactly what we continue to do to this day.

SIM-Networks History


System Integration

Wishing to provide the best services possible, we started to host our client’s projects in our own virtual servers. As the number of clients grew, the demand for high-quality hosting grew as well. We decided to move towards IT infrastructure services and continued to expand our computing capabilities.

SIM-Networks History


SIM-Computer: IT Consulting and Web Development

Our vast experience stems from our beginnings as SIM-Computer. We started out as a corporate IT consulting and web development company, which informs the way we approach customer service to this day. We are more than just a hosting provider; we understand the IT landscape and the needs of our clients.

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