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An SSL certification, validation, and encryption form a backbone of web security for any online project or business running a website that collects information from the users.

Free SSL certificates are good enough for giving you a basic level of authentication. They are commonly used by small websites and blogs. At the same time, however, when you’re running a business website, a paid SSL certificate with Organization Validation and Extended Validation becomes indispensable.

Besides an obvious price difference, a Comodo Positive SSL provides a $50,000 warranty and comes with a basic site seal, making it perfect for a personal website or blog. A Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard provides an advanced and more recognizable site seal, making it a perfect solution for small commercial websites.

While a standard SSL certificate can be issued in less than 15 minutes, the issuance of a more advanced paid SSL certificate may take from 2-3 business days — up to 10-12 business days.

While every SSL certificate installation provides the same strength of encryption, the primary difference is the type of SSL certificate validation for customer trust. It starts from Domain Validation SSL Certificate (for any personal website) to Organization and Extended Validation SSL Certificate (for small business, business, and large e-commerce websites).

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