Apple Workspaces: remote Mac for work

Order a dedicated Mac server and work with remote Apple hardware as if it were your own. Choose a configuration for a single user or organize access for the office.

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Why is Apple Workspaces so convenient?

Work on a Mac from home

Need a Mac for a project, but can’t justify buying a new one? Connect to a remote macOS server from any home PC and get to work with Apple hardware & software right away. Choose a configuration that suits your tasks and budget – order a Mac Mini, Mac Pro, or a powerful Mac Server based on the modern M2 chip.

MacOS for your office

MacOS for your office

Give your entire office access to macOS using remote machines: we'll set up as many workstations as your company needs. No need to buy Apple computers or high-performance PCs – all operations are performed on hardware stored in our data center. Use collaboration software and leverage apps exclusive to the Apple ecosystem for any task you may need.

Remote Mac – a great way to save on hardware

Remote Mac – a great way to save on hardware

Buying a new Mac when you only need it for a temporary task is not the best solution for your budget. It's much easier to rent a remote machine for as long as you need, at a fraction of the cost of a new computer. The rental cost includes unlimited traffic and installation in a certified data center with multi-level fault tolerance and data protection systems.

Solution for development in the Apple ecosystem

Solution for development in the Apple ecosystem

Use the Apple-exclusive Xcode environment on a remote Mac to develop, test, and deploy applications for macOS, iOS, and other Apple platforms. Optimize functionality, performance, and the interface based on real-world performance in a fully compatible environment. All you need to do is pick a configuration that can handle your app and connect through VNC.

Mac Server for any task

Mac Server for any task

MacOS servers are not just for developers. Edit videos in Final Cut Pro, create music in GarageBand, design graphics using Sketch, create presentations in Keynote, and much more. A remote Mac is a convenient and fast way to access all software exclusive to macOS and succeed in any task using high-performance hardware.

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