Redundant server clustering

Server clusters based on high-performance hardware. Combine your dedicated servers into a redundant system and work on projects with heavy workloads

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Who uses server clusters?

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Server clusters are a popular solution among large companies. They are often used to work on e-commerce projects, Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence, various projects in the financial sector etc. All of these tasks require a significant amount of computing power and stability, and this is exactly what server clusters provide.

Reliable IT-infrastructure leads to reliable profits; order your server cluster and be confident in your company’s ability to handle any project.

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Your IT infrastructure will be located in secure ISO/IEC 27001-certified data centers in Karlsruhe, Germany.

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High uptime values are guaranteed; we hold ourselves to the strictest standards regarding availability.

Quick recovery

Should any unexpected failures happen, contact us and our team of experts will respond within 1 hour.


A cluster of servers is a system of multiple servers under centralized management. Individual servers within the system are referred to as «nodes», which is also the source of the term «node cluster». It is important to note that a system of two servers is still considered a cluster.

One way of dividing server clusters into types is by their intended purpose.

High-availability clusters are used in order to guarantee maximal reliability. You should invest in a high-availability cluster if your services cannot afford to experience any downtime.

HPC (high performance computing) clusters are used for heavy workloads that require a significant amount of computing power. HPC clusters can quickly handle large volumes of data.

Load-balancing clusters distribute workloads equally between nodes. This type provides maximal stability, eliminating the possibility of peak loads affecting a single node.

A dedicated server cluster includes many servers, as opposed to just one. This leads to greater reliability due to redundancy, as well as better performance

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