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For free site migrations, contact our support team. Follow instructions so that we can evaluate your existing online architecture and draft individual data migration roadmap. Once all is agreed, we will be able to create a backup and transfer you to a new place.

Here at SIM-Networks, we believe that website migration doesn’t have to be risky. All you need is to submit a request for free website migration, then sit back and relax. We will take care of your projects all-inclusively, with all risks and potential drawbacks taken into account proactively so that we can guarantee your data migration is going to be safe and easy-going.

Shared web hosting is inexpensive and suitable for small projects and startups. Dedicated server (VDS/VPS) allows the user to get at his disposal a guaranteed amount of disk space, RAM, and processor resources. Dedicated server is the most advanced solution for large sites with high traffic and additional services that require constant monitoring and more fine-tuning.

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