FTPbox: Pros and Cons of the FTP Cloud Solution

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Over time, clouds have established their own synchronisation standards, such as WebDAV. As a result, more and more cloud software works with these standards.

However, a cloud solution can also work in a different way: The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has been available for years and is used by website operators to move their files to web space.

Since FTP or similar variants (e.g. SFTP, FTPS) can be used to exchange, delete and edit files in encrypted form, it is suitable as a solid basis for cloud software.

Pros and cons

The main advantage is that almost all web hosters that provide "storage space on the Internet" offer FTP. Often the encrypted versions are also accepted. The advantages of FTPbox at a glance:

  • Uses FTP as an established standard

As mentioned above,FTPbox is based on an established standard, FTP. As a result, nothing needs to be developed from scratch. Setting up the server is also not very difficult. Moreover, the files can be accessed from any application that supports FTP. And there are a lot of them. You don't just have to use "normal" FTP programs like Filezilla …  

  • Lots of applications

… but you can also choose from a wide range of FTP applications. Below we present some of the most successful apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone (see: FTP apps). With Owncloud & Co. there is always only one app, but for FTP clients there is a huge choice.  

  • Easy to use

FTPbox is easy to use. Just follow our FTP tutorial Just follow our FTP tutorial to set up FTPbox and your server safely. After a few settings, the programme will start synchronising. You can access your folder as usual. If a file changes, it is immediately synchronised with the FTP server.  

  • Nice layout

FTPbox also looks pretty good. Ideally, however, you won't see much of it. After installation, FTPbox starts by default when you start your computer. Then you should only see the logo and a green check mark in your taskbar.

Of course, this solution has its disadvantages:

  • Cloud-unspecific protocol

FTP was not originally developed for this kind of synchronisation. So every time you change something, no matter how small, you have to transfer the whole file again. This is not the case with Seafile for example.

  • No additional features

FTPbox focuses on synchronising files. If you need additional features such as calendar synchronisation and collaborative working, you will be happier with another software solution.


Since FTPbox is designed to work in the background, there is no need for screenshots of the programme itself. Instead, we present a screenshot of FTPbox's official website. The advantages ("Why FTPbox?") are also mentioned here:

Why FTPbox?

Cloud Server

Cloud server

Learn more about the highly available public SIM-Cloud

Learn more

Instructions: Installing FTPbox

Are you ready to install FTPbox? First of all, you need to take some precautions on your web server. But this is not a problem. In our FTPbox-Tutorial, we will show you how to set up your FTP server, secure it and then install FTPbox to synchronise your files.

FTP clients for your smartphone

Your files are synchronised and you want to access them on the go? The easiest way is to use an app. We've selected some of the best for you, whether you use Windows Phone, iOS or Android, you'll find them here:

Apps for Apple users – iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad:

  • Owlfiles not only looks good, but also offers many useful features (e.g. automatic backup of your photos). The Pro version with more features is available for a fee.
  • FTPManager is a free FTP client that focuses on the essentials.

There are also several FTP apps for Android users. These include:

  • AndFTP, free and probably a good enough FTP client for most users.
  • The free FTP-клиент app offers users additional features, such as support for compression on the transfer path. Features can be extended via in-app purchases.
  • seems to be designed with developers in mind, but it could also be of interest to normal end users.

If you have decided to use FTPbox, we hope you will find it to be a convenient FTP solution and a practical alternative to the cloud.

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