Cloud solution for a real estate management company: a case study

Get acquainted with SIM-Networks’ cloud solution for a company in the real estate business. Learn more about the tasks businesses face when updating their core IT infrastructure & how IT modernization provides a serious competitive advantage.

Who is our client & what tasks did they need solved?

Server solution in real estate management

The client has been active in the real estate sector for many years and has built up a large portfolio of over 800 managed properties throughout Germany. They have made it their business to manage the properties holistically throughout their entire life cycle with a high level of quality. Currently, 12 employees work for the company, which is facing a real growth challenge.

Before the start of the project, the company had been working with its own server solution, which was already somewhat outdated and was still being maintained by the company itself. A classic, conventional telephone system was also in use. The full capacity of the administration software in use was not being fully utilised due to unused technical synergy possibilities.

The growing demands and tasks – also with regards to home office solutions required due to the pandemic – made a modern infrastructure increasingly necessary. The existing solutions were becoming maintenance-intensive and were not adaptable and expandable enough to meet the company's development. Moreover, there was almost no possibility to work effectively from the home office, which had not been necessary in the past.

The onboarding process for new employees was labour- and time-intensive because the existing technical equipment was not up to date. Hardware and software updates were expensive, jeopardised normal day-to-day operations and increasingly required expertise that was not readily available to the company.

What kind of solution did SIM-Networks propose?

Cloud solution in real estate management

After a brief presentation on the differences between an in-house managed IT infrastructure and IT infrastructure rental, the company had decided to consider the advantages and disadvantages in more detail. As a specialised service provider in the real estate sector, the arguments of a service provider from a different sector (IT) were easily comprehensible. The increasing challenges of purely the technical aspects then tipped the scales in favour of a new set-up. The company opted for a cloud solution, in which both the applications required on a daily basis and a new web-based telephony solution are implemented.

The main benefits of SIM-Networks’ solution for the client:

  • full functionality outside the office (home office, at the customer's site);
  • significant expansion with state-of-the-art telephone functionalities;
  • faster processing times;
  • scaling in just a few clicks;
  • minimisation of the IT budget;
  • no more provisions for upcoming purchases;
  • no need to keep expensive IT know-how on hand;
  • increased data protection.
Cloud Server

Cloud server

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What did the client think of the new infrastructure?

«In SIM-Networks we have found a partner who, with a lot of personal commitment, has implemented a major digitisation step at our company, making us fit for the future and bringing us to a new level. We never thought that this step would give us such a competitive advantage».

If you wish to contact this client directly, let us know. We'll be happy to make the contact.

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