To manage virtual servers, SIM-Networks customers are offered the VDS Panel control panel - our company's own development. Distinctive features of our VDS Panel are high speed and reliability.

Customers registered before 2015 can optionally change the control panel from VDSManager to the new VDS Panel from SIM-Networks. To do this, you need to contact the support service with a request to change the panel.

Login details for the VDS control panel

After activating VDS, login data for the control panel is sent to each client by email along with general information about the ordered server:

Control panel

Follow the link provided in the letter and enter your authorization data:

Control panel

How to change or reinstall OS

A panel with information about the server will appear. To change or reinstall the OS, click the Reinstall link:

Control panel

Check Change disk template, select the required OS from the list and click the Reinstall link.

Control panel



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Editing PTR records

In the vertical menu on the right, click the Manage IP link.

Control panel

A list of IP addresses and their corresponding PTR records will appear. To change the PTR, click the Control panel icon, then the Change PTR link. In the line that appears, enter the desired PTR and press Enter.

Control panel

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