Server management in IPMI

IPMI is an IP KVM implementation. Access to it is provided on demand by the technical support service. IPMI requires a modern Web browser with Java support.

Server management

Server management

You can manage the power supply and reboot the server in the "Remote Control → Power Control" section.

Server management

Server management

To gain access to the console, go to the "Remote Control → Console Redirection" section and click the «Launch Console» button. Allow the Web browser to launch the Java application and acknowledge all security prompts.

In case of problems when launching or using the console application, you should add the URL of the IMPI server to the Java security exception list: An exception should be made for both HTTP and HTTPS.

Server management

You can also reinitialize IPMI with the «IKVM Reset» and «Unit Reset» commands in the «Maintenance» section. The execution of these commands does not entail a reboot of the server itself, so it can be performed at any time without any negative consequences for the functioning of services.

Server management

Server management

The console allows you to access the virtual monitor, keyboard and mouse of the server.

Server management

A virtual keyboard is available in the «Virtual Media → Virtual Keyboard» section. It is required for pressing special key combinations, such as ++.

Server management

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server

Check out SIM-Networks’ powerful pre-made server configurations

See packages

In the «Virtual Media → Virtual Storage» section, you can connect ISO images located on the user's computer to the server as a virtual CD/DVD drive. To do this, select the type of device «ISO File» in the «CDROM & ISO» tab, specify the path to the ISO file.

Server management

Then click on the «Plug in» button, which is equivalent to connecting a virtual CD/DVD drive to the server.

Server management

In order to boot from a virtual CD/DVD drive, you need to set the priority of boot devices in BIOS accordingly.

Server management

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