Service Level Agreement

SLA is an agreement on the quality of services between the Client and SIM-Networks company. This document defines the requirements for quality of service and responsibility.
SLA does not provide compensation for damages or compensation for lost benefits.


  • We guarantee the performance of our infrastructure (network connectivity, power, cooling and so on), for not less than 99.9% in the annual statistics.
  • Average package loss per months shall not exceed 0.5%.

Emergency response time:

  • emergency response time, including resolving of critical issues: no longer than 12 hrs.
  • emergency response time, including resolving of non-critical issues: no longer than 1 day.

We strive to set the time of scheduled maintenance work within our own infrastructure from 00:30 to 4:30 Berlin time (UTC +1), and will make every effort to notify you in advance of the planned works, at least 5 days prior to the maintenance beginning.

Support responds to the requests within 1 (one) hour. The response from the Customer Care provides estimated time to solve the problem or a confirmation if the problem is resolved.

Should our infrastructure's performance notably deviate from the values listed above, customers are compensated according to the table below.

Infrastructure failure or malfunction:

  • 95,1% to 99,0% - 10%
  • 90.1% to 95.0% - 25%
  • 90.0% and less - 60%

Compensation is not paid out in cash but will be added to the customer's internal account in the billing.

In a case of cancellation of a contract on virtual hosting or VDS within 14 days from the date of activation of the service, a full refund is provided, minus the fees of payment systems used, if a serious reason for cancellation is provided.

Funds return conditions:

  • refunds are available for virtual hosting or virtual servers (VDS). Refunds for other services are subject to exceptional cases and are conducted at the company's discretion;
  • refunds are only available for the first time ordered services. If a customer orders a hosting service, and then receives a refund, and subsequently orders same or similar service for the second time, then a refund will be denied;
  • refunds are provided within 10 working days after note of the cancellation;
  • for reselling of web hosting no refunds are provided;
  • refunds can be denied in case of violation of the Terms of service, or if protection measures have been denied by the customer if the resource is not available as a result of a DDoS-attack;
  • refunds are denied in case of a user data loss if the user has chosen to conduct their own data backup and a recent working and a backup copy of the data cannot be provided by the customer;
  • refunds are provided after deducting of applied bonuses and promotions
  • moneyback or refunds are denied in a case when the services ordered by a Client are stopped or blocked as a result of the violation of the Terms and Conditions by Client.