PortKnox: Advantages of the Cloud Storage

Nextcloud instance, updates & solid features

PortKnox offers its customers their own Nextcloud installation. Read below to find out why this is a big advantage, and why the provider is also strong in other aspects.

Cloud Server

Cloud server

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Annual payment method

For around €3.25 per month (€39 per year) you get 25 GB of storage for your Nextcloud. Storage can be expanded using external cloud providers such as Google Drive. The package comes with a separate installation, but no user management.

If you need a bit more, you might be better off with the Multi package. Here you can create up to 5 user accounts, each with its own storage space. For around €6.58 per month, you get 50 GB of storage.

As this is not enough for larger amounts of data, additional storage can be booked. For example, 100 GB in the single package costs the equivalent of around €9.92 per month.

Compared to other providers, the storage space is a little more expensive. However, PortKnox offers a number of advantages:

  • Installation and URL

Standard cloud providers only provide you with a user account. With this provider, you get your own installation, which gives you more freedom, such as access via your own cloud URL. Also worth mentioning: The ability to easily export your own cloud installation.

  • Automatic updates

The website operators automatically provide your cloud with the latest updates in a timely manner and only after extensive testing for stability and functionality. This saves you a lot of work.

  • Encryption and backups

Very important: The hard drives of the cloud servers are encrypted with TrueCrypt and are therefore highly protected against external access. Regular backups are also encrypted. This means your data is even better protected against loss and unauthorised access. And even during transport, thanks to the best SSL encryption. But: Your uploaded cloud files are not part of the backup without an additional add-on.

  • User management

With the "ownAdmin Multi" plan, you can even create multiple users and allocate storage space to them. The perfect plan to give everyone in the family their own cloud.

  • Additional storage

Need even more storage? That's no problem with PortKnox. You can easily add more storage and have even more space for your documents and photos.

  • Many extensions

With PortKnox you can install many extensions for your cloud. For example, you can view your documents in the web interface and easily connect to Dropbox & Co. You can also activate an add-on for collaborative work.  

  • Based on Nextcloud

PortKnox is based on the openSource software Nextcloud and is therefore based on an already established, reliable and easily expandable system. While Owncloud was still offered until 2016, they switched to Nextcloud in the same year.

Already convinced?

PortKnox scores with high security standards, ease of use, a modern layout and many extras. Once you have decided to use this provider, go to the official website to register.

Choose either the Single or Multi package and add it to your shopping cart. Then click on the 'Checkout' button. You will now be asked to provide some information about yourself. Step by step you will be guided through the ordering process and end up with your very own Nextcloud installation.

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