Best Raspberry Pi Projects – Introducing the Mini Computer

This article is all about the Raspberry Pi mini computer. There are so many possibilities and so much power on such a small board that it has inspired many people to create all kinds of projects. In this article we will present a selection of Raspberry Pi projects.

The information is valid as of 05.08.2023. Prices may vary due to chip availability.

Buying a Raspberry Pi

First things first: how do I get my hands on a Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi 4 - Model B is available in 3 versions: with 2 GB (around €80), 4 GB (around €75) or 8 GB of RAM (around €110). It is available on Amazon, for example.

To use it, accessories such as a power supply, a case and a microSD card are recommended:

The story behind Raspberry Pi

There is a great idea behind Raspberry Pi: Young people should be able to learn to code using an inexpensive mini-computer. It was designed accordingly. It focuses on the essentials, is based on a GNU/Linux distribution, and allows for simple custom programming projects using Python and GPIO pins to communicate with other devices. Most importantly, it is very inexpensive compared to other conventional computers.

It is also ideal as a small home computer and/or media centre. This is ensured by the range of (Debian) software available and the HD output via HDMI.

The first Raspberry Pi model was released in early 2012 and has since captivated millions of people, inspiring them to learn to code and, most importantly, to create their own creative projects. Media centres, robots, laptops, gaming machines, light shows and much more have been created. So for now, we can say that this great project is well on its way to inspiring many people and bringing them closer to the possibilities of technology.

The Raspberry Pi is backed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which aims to encourage young people to take up computer science and programming. You can find out more about the Foundation on the Raspberry-Pi website.

Cloud Server

Cloud server

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16 Raspberry Pi projects

The starting point for the Raspberry Pi: a powerful mini computer for its price with 1-4 GB RAM, 2x MicroHDMI outputs, Ethernet connection (and WLAN), Bluetooth, 2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, 1x display port, 1x camera port, 1x audio/video port, 40 GPIO pins and a low power consumption of 2-5 watts.

Ist size makes it perfect for creative projects. Many of these have been collected in the Pi project database. Here are 16 selected Raspberry Pi projects to get you started:

  1. An RC controlled small car that lets the Raspberry Pi drive around the world.
  2. On TheRaspberryPiGuy channel, a hobbyist has created a video about his e-skateboard.
  1. The word "smart home" is on everyone's (home builder and technology lover) lips. Why not use the Raspberry Pi with software like OpenHAB2, Amazon Alexa, wireless sockets, dimmable lights and sensors?
  2. A normal table is too boring for you? How about an interactive LED table?
  3. Not surprising that I tell you about it on this cloud page, but: you can also run the Raspberry Pi as a (cloud/NAS) server and thus manage files or host websites.
  4. The weather is considered the eternal small talk classic. The Raspberry Pi can have its say, with a weather station.
  5. Speaking of weather: A plant robot has already been developed from the Raspberry Pi. But you can also "simply" build an automated greenhouse yourself, with the Pi of course.
  6. Those who know the Gameboy understand why this enthusiast project was created. Videos about it wermy has published on his YouTube channel.
  1. With the Raspberry Pi Zero, the even lighter brother of the Raspberry Pi, you can also build a drone yourself.
  2. Finally decide for yourself what is played on the radio? It is also possible to have your own radio station.
  3. Speaking of media: How about lighting effects for the TV?
  4. The everyday look in the mirror isn't smart enough for you? Get smarter with a project presented on the Hacker Shack channel.
  1. Ahoy! The Raspberry Pi can serve as an on-board computer on the high seas.
  2. YouTube channel jordan314 introduces you to a NerfGun robot.
  1. There is also something for the kitchen: Nathan Broadbent presents the Raspberry Pi microwave on YouTube.
  1. Last but not least: The Raspberry Pi can also control the light show at Christmas.
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