Service renewal

Method 1. Automatic invoice payment.

The invoice for a service is formed automatically 7 days before the end of the billing period. To pay it, please go to the “My invoices” section of the billing system.

My invoices 1

My invoices 2

Then choose the invoice and click on it:

Unpaid bill

The invoice will be opened in a separate window. Notice: the invoice for renewal automatically uses the payment method chosen for the first payment. You can change the payment method manually before paying:

Renewal invoice

Method 2. Renewing a service before an automatic invoice is formed.

Log into the billing system and go to the service management section:

Products and services

Click the «Renew for [period of the last renewal]» button:

Renew for 1 months

Renewal confirmation

This will lead you to a page where you can pay for the renewal:

Bill payment page

Method 3. Automatic withdrawal from your billing account

If you wish to avoid missing a scheduled renewal, you can set up the payments to go through automatically.

To do this, a user must top up their billing balance by a certain sum. When creating an automatic invoice 7 days before the end of the billing period, the sum will be withdrawn automatically and the service will be renewed. For example, a given service costs 100 EUR; there is 500 EUR on your balance, which means that your service can be automatically renewed for 5 months.

To top up your balance, go the "My invoices" section and press the "Top up” button.

Topping up your balance

Then choose the sum and the payment method:

Sum and payment method

Additional information on finances and payment

The cost of services in the Services → My Services section does not include regional taxes and payment system fees: they will be included in the invoices for ordering/renewing a service. Available payment methods, as well as regional taxes, depend on the client’s country indicated in the profile.

The invoices are formed automatically. If you have many services and you want to pay for them through a single invoice, contact the Customer Care team and request the consolidation of the billing date for all services.

Note: a positive balance is only applied automatically when forming a planned renewal invoice. If the invoice was formed before the balance was topped up, you will have to apply the funds from your balance to the invoice manually.

The currency is only shown in EUR when topping up the balance.

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