Difference between 1C-Bitrix: Virtual Machine (BitrixVM) and Web Environment (BitrixEnv)

1C-Bitrix: Virtual machine (BitrixVM) - these are images of virtual machines with Linux CentOS preinstalled for the most common hypervisors. Settings are optimized for CMS 1C-Bitrix. Available for download from https://www.1c-bitrix.ru/download/vmbitrix.php

1C-Bitrix: Web Environment (BitrixEnv) is an installation script that installs all the necessary software and optimizes the settings of a freshly installed Linux Fedora, CentOS, and Red Hat distribution kit for optimal operation of the 1C-Bitrix CMS. Available for download from https://www.1c-bitrix.ru/products/env/

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Thus, the result of both products is the same - the creation of an optimal environment for the operation of CMS 1C-Bitrix. Moreover, for a non-specialist, the difference in what was taken as a basis, BitrixVM or BitrixEnv, may not be obvious.

Which option to choose depends on personal preferences and the specifics of the tasks being solved. So, for quick deployment in a hypervisor, 1C-Bitrix: Virtual Machine will be optimal. You only need to change the size of the disk. And for example, for installation on a dedicated server or for fine-tuning Linux OS parameters - 1C-Bitrix: Web environment.

On the page https://www.sim-networks.com/dedicated, you can order a dedicated server in Germany.

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