Cloud Hosted Router MikroTik Activation

MikroTik Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) is a standalone version of the proprietary RouterOS operating system, which is designed specifically to work in a virtual environment. MikroTik CHR can be easily installed on our SIM-Cloud instances or on a VMware ESXi VPS.

Image to install. A RouterOS (CHR) image is already available in the secure SIM-Cloud, as well as Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) images can be downloaded from (Raw disk image - Current).

License Information

The free license is available for 60 days - for all existing types of licenses. To get a free license, or any other license, you need to register on

Important! The use of a free license implies a network speed limit of 1Mbps

License types: Name (speed limit):

  • Free (1 Mbit)
  • P1 perpetual-1 (1 Gbit)
  • P10 perpetual-10 (10 Gbit)
  • P-Unlimited perpetual-unlimited

The cost of licenses can be viewed at the link on the MikroTik website.

License activation

Activation can be done on the command line or in the GUI.

We use a graphical interface

  • Go to Mikrotik OS: System → License menu → Renew License
  • Enter the details of your account and the type of license that was purchased:

Account mikrotik Account mikrotik

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration

Find out how to migrate to the cloud quickly & efficiently

Learn more

On the command line

1. You can check the type of the current license using the command: system license print At this stage, the license type is free:

[admin@MikroTik] > /system license print system-id: 6lR1ZP/utuJ level: free

2. Use the system license renew command to update the current license. Enter your account details:

[admin@MikroTik] > /system license renew account: mymikrotikcomaccount password: ***** level: p1 status: done

3. To ensure successful activation, check the license again: system license print:

[admin@MikroTik] > /system license print system-id: 6lR1ZP/utuJ level: p1 next-renewal-at: jan/10/2016 21:59:59 deadline-at: feb/09/2016 21:59:59

On the page you can rent a virtual server using ESXI or XEN technology.

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