Ticket system: a tool for communication between clients and tech support

The ticket system is more effective in processing client requests when it is used as the main communication tool.

A ticket is a message regarding an issue that the client sends to the support team. One ticket means one issue; the system assigns a number to the request and systematizes the information. In this article, we will share why SIM-Networks uses the ticket system and get into the main advantages of using this model to interact with clients.

Why is the ticket system the main communication channel for SIM-Networks?

Multi-channel communication with clients is one of the growth factors of a modern business. Consumer behavior can vary widely, which is why using unpopular or ineffective communication methods is a direct way to failure for a company. When a client wants to get in touch with a vendor, they will do it using the available channels. However, it’s best to offer multiple options so that the communication is comfortable for the client, and, as a consequence, more productive for all parties. A client’s satisfaction with the level of attention towards their needs is the key to forming loyalty. This factor plays an important role in the portfolio of any business. This is why it’s advisable to offer as many communication channels as possible to get feedback from clients. Naturally, the number of channels and their nature has to be justified by the company’s specific business processes as well.

Some clients prefer to talk to service vendors on the phone: a live conversation can be more fruitful and take less time. Others prefer using the chat function on the company’s website to get fast responses. Some are most comfortable with emailing or Skype calls, especially if there is a difference in time zones. All of these channels are effective for a particular audience and for particular tasks. The best option is to use one main communication channel and a few additional ones. SIM-Networks’ empiric experience, along with the experience of many other IT companies, shows that the ticket system shows the best results when used as the main method of communication.

It is critical to give customers some options to choose the most convenient channel to contact with the service provider. That’s the best way to build a good relationship with customers and to breed their loyalty.

Some clients prefer real-time phone conversations with their service providers, considering as a more productive and quicker way to elaborate on a particular problem. Others are more inclined towards a chat on the website and prefer using instant messages to get an operator’s response as soon as possible. Some people prefer chats, or videoconference using Skype or similar messengers, especially if the service company is located in another country and/or time zone. A group of people sticks to emails.

All those communication channels are effective for particular audiences and to address particular issues. The best option is to use one primary channel and a bunch of complementary ones. Based on SIM-Networks experience and the best practices used by other IT companies, having a ticketing system as a primary channel facilitates the best possible KPIs in terms of customers’ requests processing management.

Security, data protection and convenience are the main benefits of the ticket system

What are the main advantages of the ticket system?

SIM-Networks clients can do the following by using our ticket system:

  • contact our Customer Care experts with questions regarding our services, both technical and non-technical
  • offer ideas regarding the improvement of our services;
  • inform us about malfunctions and other issues.

We mentioned earlier that SIM-Networks uses the ticket system as the main channel of communication between clients and Customer Care Experts. We believe that security, data protection and convenience are the main advantages of this system. Other communication methods are not as effective at identifying the client immediately, guaranteeing confidentiality, logging a particular issue’s history etc.

The main benefits of the ticket system for clients:

  • access to the communication log from anywhere in the world and from any device;
  • messages cannot be lost, as they are saved for each client and assigned to a particular issue;
  • the communication history is saved in a single place with no unrelated messages;
  • additional information regarding a service can be provided when creating a ticket through the website, which helps solve the issue quickly;
  • the control panel is intuitive and easy to use;
  • tickets sent from the customer area on the website do not pass through filtration and are never sorted as spam, which improves processing speed;
  • messages are categorized into open and closed requests.

How does SIM-Networks build its communication with clients?

SIM-Networks guarantees a quick response to any request. You can create a ticket by signing up at [https://www.sim-networks.com/]() . The corporate wiki contains information on how to create tickets. Note that only users with accounts in the billing system can create tickets. If you do not have an account on the website, you can use other methods to reach out to the Customer Care team:

  • use the chat on the website to quickly solve non-technical issues;
  • email us at ask@sim-networks.com
  • if you prefer talking on the phone, leave a callback request and describe your question or the issue – our Customer Care experts will get back to you as soon as possible;
  • Skype is only used when tech support engineers provide assistance with using the SIM-Cloud infrastructure;
  • if you want to set up a meeting in the company’s office, visit the https://www.sim-networks.com/en/company/contacts page and we will schedule your visit.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re available 24/7/365, no weekends or days off, and we speak your language!

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