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Why a Ticket System is a perfect tool to communication with a client

Addressing to a service company with a request for order or help, you expect to get a quick response. The speed of getting an answer depends on the communication channel with the company. As it is faster, the service quality is higher. In this article, we tell why SIM-Networks uses a ticketing system as the main customers’ communication channel.

Nowadays, one of the key business growth drivers is the right communication system with customers. Efficient customer service solves a customer’s problem fast and meets the client’s needs totally. To reach it, you should give your customers several communication channels, e.g., email, quick chat, so on. But if you use unpopular or ineffective communication channels to interact with clients, your business is far, far away from success.

It is critical to give customers some options to choose the most convenient channel to contact with the service provider. That’s the best way to build a good relationship with customers and to breed their loyalty.

Some clients prefer real-time phone conversations with their service providers, considering as a more productive and quicker way to elaborate on a particular problem. Others are more inclined towards a chat on the website and prefer using instant messages to get an operator’s response as soon as possible. Some people prefer chats, or videoconference using Skype or similar messengers, especially if the service company is located in another country and/or time zone. A group of people sticks to emails.

All those communication channels are effective for particular audiences and to address particular issues. The best option is to use one primary channel and a bunch of complementary ones. Based on SIM-Networks experience and the best practices used by other IT companies, having a ticketing system as a primary channel facilitates the best possible KPIs in terms of customers’ requests processing management.

Ticket system - the ideal solution for customers

As a component of a ServiceDesk (a HelpDesk) activity, the ticketing system is semi-automated software to manage client requests according to service rules based on SLA. The system is partially automated because it doesn’t require any manual efforts to receive a request and assign an ID number to it (based on the customer’s ID), and then track if the issue has been addressed. Issue closure and sending notifications is also automated. The actual request processing — as labeling the request, learning the details of it, speaking to the customer to obtain additional information and solving this problem — do the Customer Care team of SIM-Networks.

The ticketing system gives the customers an opportunity to:

  • Ask the Customer Care team about the services provided — both technical and non-technical issues;
  • Suggest service improvements;
  • Report any troubles they identify.

SIM-Networks ticketing system as the primary interaction agent connects the customers and the Customer Care experts. Why? We believe that security, data protection, and ease of use are the key advantages of a ticketing system. Other forms of communication do not let you identify the client instantly, do not provide the necessary level of confidentiality, do not log the issue handling activities, and do not track the whole correspondence thread, etc.

The benefits of using a ticketing system for a customer:

  • Access to the whole communication history with SIM-Networks from any place in the world and any device;
  • All correspondence related to a particular request is saved for each client, not a chance to lose any message;
  • The whole communication history is kept in one place without any irrelevant messages;
  • The client can provide extra information (if a ticket is created via the website) on the service to speed up the processing and the resolution;
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive control panel;
  • If you send a ticket from your client account on the website, it doesn’t have to pass any spam filters and, hence, will not be sorted into the junk-box, which also speeds up the process;
  • All messages are labeled into open and closed issues.

SIM-Networks' Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees that your request will be handled shortly.

You can submit a ticket once you log in on the website:

Please note that you can only create a ticket after you log into the billing section. If you don’t have an account on our website, there are other ways of contacting SIM-Networks Customer Care experts:

If you need a quick resolution of a non-technical issue, please use the chat on our website;
Send us an email:
If you prefer phone communication, leave us a callback request along with a short description of your issue/ request/ question – one of our Customer Care specialists will call you back as soon as possible;
Skype is only used when your question is related to [SIM-Cloud infrastructure](, so, via Skype, you can connect only with the support team that maintains our cloud IaaS;
If you want to meet us personally at one of our offices, visit []( and send us a request so that we can set up a meeting.

The capability of the ticketing system of SIM-Networks allows our customers to create a ticket faster and speed up the processing time.

Contact us — we are available all the time, 24/7/365!




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