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Support for non-commercial medical institutions, educational projects, and other non-profit initiatives during quarantine

SIM-Networks has been providing a permanent social responsibility program named «Open-hearted hosting» during the entire time of the company’s operation on the infrastructure market. During this time, we’ve hosted thousands of non-commercial, educational, and charity projects for free.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to change their way of life. Many governments introduced quarantine restrictions to limit the spread of the virus. Cafes and restaurants, cinemas, clubs, gyms and pools are closed. The Eurovision Song Contest 2020, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, concerts, sports events, international conferences, and commercial forums have been canceled. We have moved online, and were forced to adapt to our new reality.

Many businesses were able to stay afloat with remote work. In self-isolation, a remote office is a very viable business model. However, many companies and organizations couldn't switch from offline to online quickly. Schools and other educational institutions were among the first who adapted to the new rules of the game and successfully continue their activities.

Free hosting for schools and educational projects

The school year is in full swing, but students are isolated at home. How do you make sure that they can keep studying? Modern technologies offer a variety of options. Here are some of them:

  • a lesson or lecture is filmed and uploaded to YouTube or a platform that supports video streaming, the link is then sent to students;
  • the teacher composes tests based on the lesson in Google Forms or using specialized tools; students take the test, the results are processed instantly;
  • with apps for video conferencing, teachers can introduce remote interactive lessons with side-by-side communication between the teacher and the class in real time;
  • it is even possible to provide various virtual tours for students in screen demonstration mode, and make presentations and performances.

We have plenty opportunities for studying and teaching, it’s only a matter of picking the right one. It's within the power of schools and extracurricular educational projects to organize their websites with various capabilities (photo archive, video conferencing, docflow, chats for teachers and students, books, tests, etc.) to make the learning process not just continuous, but also exciting. Distance learning is a widespread and well-proven form of studying in many countries.

If you need to create a non-profit educational web-project, contact SIM-Networks. We will help you host your online projects for students based on our hosting and we will give you a domain name, completely free of charge.

The primary condition is that your project must be non-profit and have genuine social value.

Support for healthcare facilities and schools during COVID-19

Free hosting for non-commercial medical consulting

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people need to stay informed about the current situation in healthcare. But besides informing about the necessary means of preventing coronavirus and other useful things, the usual consultations and medical advice on how to avoid seasonal diseases, etc., are still necessary.

Many doctors have been giving free online consultations on forums, blogs, and specialized sites long before the current pandemic. Diagnosing patients through correspondence and even through video calls is risky, but in many cases (except for urgent ones) professional medical consulting can prevent unpleasant consequences. It is also much better than googling your symptoms; when it comes to health, you need the opinion of a professional

We provide free hosting and a domain for the projects of those doctors who want to inform users on health issues and disease prevention for free.

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Free hosting for lay counselling provided by humanitarian organizations

Free psychological support and lay counselling are popular humanitarian activities these days. We are all going through a challenging time – the uncertainty associated with the pandemic, the escalation of anxiety by the media, especially in social networks, can be very exhausting. The economic consequences of the quarantine are also a contributing factor. The pandemic has been especially taxing on the people whose relatives and friends fell ill or passed away and have to deal with grief.

Fortunately, professional psychologists and non-professional volunteers are ready to provide psychological assistance to anyone who needs support. Round-the-clock helplines and online lay counselling are examples of human nobility and mercy. If you are organizing such an online project and are looking for a hosting and domain for it, SIM-Networks will be happy to help your mission.

We believe that humanity will weather the current storm and beat COVID-19. Let's support each other and do good things together!

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