Virtual office in cloud

All-in-one solution for working remotely

Remote work solutions

To ensure your business continuity, you’ve decided to move your employees from the office to work at home. SIM-Networks will help you to solve this task quickly, effectively, and professionally. We’ll deploy a protected virtual environment to allow your company’s staff coworking from home safely and with high-performance. We customize all business apps, including VoIP.

Work from home

Don’t panic! :)

Many companies are now forced to the necessity of moving their processes from on-premises to work from home solutions. Staying home during the quarantine isolation to prevent the COVID-19 disease, you can save your life and keep healthy. But at the same time, your business can go down.

To keep your business profitable, SIM-Networks can create a remote office by virtualizing your current offline infrastructure and ensure protected communications and data storage while your employees work at home.

We offer just as our computing capacities to deploy remote work solutions, so software licenses, apps, and various tools, including VoIP, to increase your team’s productivity. Our top-notch skillful engineers can virtualize your business environment quickly and competently. Then, we will migrate all your business applications and software and customize all necessary services and systems to enable your employees’ convenient working from anywhere at any time, as they do it from the office.

Distance work


New customers who ordered this Remote Working Offer during the quarantine due to COVID-19, get a discount of up to 20% for renting dedicated servers* and SIM-Cloud IaaS.

You can also get a Virtual Meeting-Room App free! (NOT Zoom or Skype!) We will install and setup within your infrastructure a secured application for virtual conferences, presentations, or meetups with end-to-end encryption and reliable connections.


Benefits of work from home solutions

All-in-one for your distance work

You shouldn’t care about migration apps, searching software or installation, and customizing by yourself. Our experts do everything for you within the project.

Usual software and tools

Working remotely, your employees will use the same systems, applications, data, tools, as in the office. No need for training, just let them job effectively!

Flexibility of co-work

All of your company’s workers are still a united team. They continue co-working even in a distant office mode. As the employer or manager, you can control all of the processes online.

Competitive pricing

We create cost-effective solutions to migrate business for remote working. We also provide Special Quarantine Offers and discounts for new customers.

All that you need for working remotely

VDI desktop

Virtualized workspace

You can choose the virtualization technology, either VDI or RDS. We deploy an optimal solution for convenient and safe remote access to your corporate data.

Remote work software

Software and applications

We install your office apps. Besides, you could rent various software licenses in SIM-Networks (Office 365, other Microsoft products, and so on) if necessary.

Cloud ERP

ERP system in the cloud

Move your financial management and bookkeeping to our cloud. Your ERP will be available from any device at any time from everywhere.

corporate data storage

Common corporate data storage

You can choose from several types of corporate storage for enabling the shared remote access of co-workers to the corporate data.

Backup solution


We'll help you to customize scheduled backups. Your backup data will be transferred to the storage in the protected datacenters in Germany.


VoIP Telephony

Stay in touch with your customers always by using the Internet and your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and your usual work phone number.


The remote working environment

Our engineers will configure everything that you need for your employees' productivity in distance working. We ensure safe and stable communications. Our experts will create individual solutions for moving your business to a remote mode, and quickly implement them. You have options for the platform where your infrastructure will be deployed:

  • SIM-Cloud IaaS
  • A dedicated server
  • VPS
  • A terminal server

Depending on the sophistication of the project, your remote office can be created from several hours to several days.

Nota bene: Since choosing SIM-Cloud IaaS, you will only pay for the computing resources you use. SIM-Cloud is easily scalable — if necessary, you can increase or decrease the project resources pool , and the payment will be proportional to it.

BTW, SIM-Networks staff also works remotely. We use a terminal server in the cloud, a VPN tunnel, Bitrix24, and VoIP telephony. For meet-ups, online conversations, presentations, and negotiations with customers, we use a Virtual Meeting-Room application with encrypted connections.

Work from home safely and productively

Secure VPN

We use an encrypted VPN tunnel for remote workers to provide a secure connection and protection for all corporate information.

Data centers Tier III+

Our infrastructure solutions are located in high-available and secure Tier-III+ datacenters in Germany, which are certified in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001

Internet providers connection

Duplicated communication lines from our datacenters' backbone to Tier-1 providers ensure communication stability and high-availability of services


To take advantage of our Special Quarantine Offer, please fill the form. Our manager will contact you soon!


Up to 20% Discount for a dedicated server or SIM-Cloud IaaS rent

Each of the new customers who have ordered a remote office arrangement (including migration of their infrastructure to our capacities from another provider), during the quarantine period, will get a discount of up to 20% for dedicated servers* or SIM-Cloud IaaS renting. This Special Offer is due until 04/30/2020.

*The discount applies to ready-made configurations of dedicated servers available in our stock. For details, ask our Customer Care experts, please:

A Virtual Meeting-Room App – for free!

On your demand, we can install and set up a virtual communication app within your working environment quickly and for free. This application has high-level protection. It is not Skype or Zoom, we care about your privacy and your business data security, and we do our best to protect it from unwanted access by third parties. The Virtual Meeting-Room App uses strong end-to-end encryption and distributes traffic among all parties of a conference to achieve maximum stability. This app is perfect for video conferencing, negotiations, presentations, etc. Our special offer is available to get by customers who have ordered a remote office arrangement in SIM-Networks. Stay online even working from home!