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CERT-Bund is a German government computer emergency response team focused on information security. One of the areas of work of CERT-Bund is the collection of information about criminal activity on the Internet: infection of systems with malware and the presence of vulnerable publicly available services, the features of which can be used by attackers against third parties.

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If a problem is detected in the network of one of the Internet operators, a corresponding notification is sent to him by CERT-Bund. We, being one of these operators, redirect the notification to the end client, the service of which directly relates to the identified incident.

The text of the notice in German and English explains the nature of the problem, as well as recommendations for remedial action. Clients should not ignore them. If attackers can interfere with the operation of the software or OS of the server, this will negatively affect the functioning of your services.

For example, the server can be constantly loaded with the execution of processes added by attackers, and for this reason, it will show poor performance. If the server is involved in a DDoS attack against third parties, we will be forced to disable this server.

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