Drive expansion in Windows Server

Important! Before making changes, be sure to back up all server data. Any manipulations with partitions carry the risk of data loss.

After adding additional disk space for a virtual machine (VM or VDS), you can expand one of the volumes of that VM. Windows Server allows you to combine multiple volumes to increase one of them.

Custom Server

Custom server

Create your own custom dedicated server

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Increasing disk space

  • In Windows Server 2012, go to Server ManagerComputer ManagementDisk Management.
  • Select the desired volume (usually C:\), left-click on its name, and select Extend volume from the menu that appears:

Disk expansion

  • Following the prompts of the "Extend Volume Wizard", add new disk space for the required volume:

Disk expansion

  • To add all new disk space to the selected partition, simply click Next:

Disk expansion

Disk expansion

Important! After expanding the disk, you need to click the Refresh button in the Disk Management panel or restart the server.

Disk expansion

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