Dedicated server cluster for a consulting company

Dedicated server cluster for a major company

This case describes how we created a cloud project for a large company specializing in legal, informational and service support.


The company operates with large amounts of information, so the main requirement of the client was to ensure the redundancy and global availability of dedicated servers.

The client has already had a negative experience with a low-cost provider: constant struggle with problems, regular failures and lack of flexibility in the settings had a negative impact on the business. Therefore, in search of a fail-safe and reliable solution, the client turned to SIM-Networks.

Customer’s requirements specification:

  • to build a redundant cluster from a set of dedicated servers in order to combine their resources and dynamically redistribute the on-the-fly load in case of equipment failure;
  • to organize an internal LAN of a cluster with a bandwidth of 10 Gbit/s;
  • to ensure cluster connection to WAN at a speed of 1 Gbit/s.


We designed the cluster structure based on the company's workload and network bandwidth requirements:

IT infrastructure scheme proposed by SIM-Networks technical experts

IT infrastructure scheme proposed by SIM-Networks technical experts

The redundant cluster is deployed on four Enterprise servers with the following parameters:

  • 2 Intel Xeon E5-2620 V4 2100 MHz 20 M Cache 8 Core processors;
  • 8 slots for HDD/SSD drives;
  • 2 power supplies in the server case;
  • 256 GB of RAM;
  • 4 SSD drives of 2 TB each;
  • 2 network ports 10 Gbit/s;
  • 2 network ports 1 Gbit/s;
  • 1 port IPMI remote control.

Using the native VMware ESXi hypervisor software, we deployed the necessary number of virtual machines and provided users with access to the storage system. The servers were organized in a connected cluster mode as a redundant resource pool.

The cluster's local network/data storage uses two 12-port Netgear 10 Gbit switches.

For the network control, we chose two HP 1 Gbit 24-port switches.

To create a firewall, we have chosen the specialized router solution from Cisco.

SIM-Networks engineers assembled and launched the IT infrastructure of this project in a rack of a data center in Germany within a few working days.


Thanks to our cloud solution, client's business runs smooth and efficient.

The native VMware ESXi hypervisor ensured high performance and virtual machines stability in a cluster.

The client’s staff doesn’t need to perform non-core tasks anymore, as the responsibility of IT-infrastructure support lies now with our qualified staff.

Remote professional server and network equipment deployment in a German data center with constant monitoring has significantly reduced the equipment costs and infrastructure maintenance, as well as provided a higher level of client data security.

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