Blog News 28/06/2022

Public cloud dashboard update: quality-of-life improvements & new features

With the new update for the SIM-Cloud Dashboard control panel, clients can now make use of an updated interface that improves and simplifies the experience of managing the cloud. In this article, we will go over these changes and show you how to use them.

What’s new in SIM-Cloud Dashboard?

We have updated the theme of the control panel to make cloud management more convenient. The changes include an updated authorization page, new icons for better navigation and improved modal windows. The modal windows of the interface were restructured to make the creation & management of cloud instances more intuitive and hassle-free. The updated theme also supports hyperlinks for better navigation.

One of the goals of the update was to display more relevant information to the user. Navigate to Project/Compute/Instances; you will find that the interface now displays Image Names – the names of the images used to create a given instance. This allows users to differentiate between instances at a glance and see what software each instance uses. Note that the image names are only displayed for instances created since the update.

The new interface also includes a management feature: users can now «lock» their instances to prevent certain interactions. An instance with a lock icon cannot be deleted, turned off or rebooted until it is manually unlocked by the user. This feature will be useful for clients who manage a large number of instances and wish to prevent accidental data loss due to human error.

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Cloud server

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The «Key Pairs» section now offers users the ability to create public key certificates using the X.509 protocol. This common key format is used for creating secure & authenticated connections through digital signatures that prove the owner’s identity. This feature offers additional security for cases where an additional layer of protection is necessary for the company’s communications.

The new io1 cloud storage is now displayed in the dashboard and can be found by navigating to Project/Compute/Overview - USED CLOUD STORAGE. This storage type works best for users who interact with large volumes of data on a regular basis; for example, io1 is a good choice for an ERP database. If you want to learn more about the new optimized cloud storage, get acquainted with this article in the SIM-Networks blog.

If you have any questions regarding the new SIM-Cloud Dashboard interface, don’t hesitate to reach out – our Customer Care team is available 24/7, no weekends or days off.

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