Blog News 30/05/2022

New IO1 cloud storage for SIM-Cloud released

SIM-Networks continues to perfect its products and meet real demands that clients voice. In this article, we will tell you more about our new storage type which significantly increases the efficiency of working with heavy workloads in the cloud.

What is IO1 and what makes it different from other storage types?

IO1 Storage

IO stands for «input/output», and the name contains the technology’s main advantage. The new storage type is optimized for working with tasks that demand a large volume of «input/output operations». Take a look at this comparison:

  • CS1 (Cold Storage): 750 IOPS.
  • GS1 (General Storage): 10.000 IOPS.
  • IO1 (Input/output Optimized Storage): 50.000 IOPS.

Your services will be able to perform more «input/output» operations per second with the new IO1 storage, which will significantly increase the speed of data processing.

Each of these storage types has its own purpose. CS1 is a system meant for tasks with light workloads and low data exchange intensity. GS1 is a storage type with increased performance for typical tasks in the cloud. Finally, IO1 is a solution for services that demand high performance from the disk subsystem.

What can you use IO1 for?

Clients can use the new data storage system for effective work with data bases, ERP systems, terminal servers and other services with heavy workloads. Note that IO1 supports a large volume of «input/output» operations for software that interacts with data on the drive in single-thread mode. For ultimate performance, we recommend that you use the new storage type in combination with high-frequency Power vCPU cores.

This update also unlocks the possibility of using IO1 to create reserve copies through the BaaS services. Backups in this storage system are made using the snapshot technology, which creates a snap of the whole file system. After saving the reserve copy, you can upload it to a different availability zone for ultimate data security.

If you want to learn more about the new IO1 storage, reach out to us whenever you need; our experts are always ready to help & answer any questions regarding our products.

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