Blog News 01/03/2023

Enterprise Cloud released: a new cloud solution for businesses by SIM-Networks

The SIM-Networks team is proud to present Enterprise Cloud, the new cloud product tailored to the specific needs of every corporate client. In this update, we will share the main idea and the specifics of this business-oriented platform.

Enterprise cloud

Enterprise cloud

Order your unique cloud infrastructure according to an individual project, taking into account the business needs of your company

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What is Enterprise Cloud?

Enterprise cloud

Enterprise Cloud is a fully custom cloud platform built to match a company’s long-term strategy and everyday tasks. The idea for the product was informed by our philosophy of putting the client’s goals first; our technology is meant to help companies implement their business vision. Every business is unique, and our experience shows that one-size-fits-all solutions are rarely the final answer to the question of corporate cloud strategy.

In terms of technological implementation, Enterprise Cloud can be based on any of our cloud platforms:

  • public clouds for flexibility and easy scaling;
  • private clouds for ultimate security and reliability;
  • hybrid clouds to make make the most of multiple cloud platforms.

The client’s goals and preferences determine everything, from the cloud architecture to the choice of hardware. Every Enterprise Cloud project is deployed in our European Tier III data centers certified according to the ISO/IEC 27001 information security standard.

The key to making an Enterprise Cloud project work is communication. We talk to our clients to establish their needs, preferences and requests. These requests can be specific or based on global vision: we are happy to either implement the project you already have in mind or provide comprehensive consultations to help you pick a way towards your goals. Our work is not finished once the cloud is up and running. We provide personalized support 24/7 and stay in touch to make sure that your cloud platform scales and develops along with your company’s growth.

How can I get an Enterprise Cloud for my company?

Reach out to the SIM-Networks team; describe your future cloud or the business tasks that need to be solved using our technology. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible, provide a consultation and get to work building your Enterprise Cloud.

If you want to check out SIM-Networks' cloud platforms before ordering a custom project, leave a request to book a demo presentation on the Enterprise Cloud page.

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