VPS/VDS in Germany

You can rent VDS Linux or VDS with Windows, Linux or any other OS (including an installation from an ISO image) from us. Whatever you choose, you will get a high-performance virtual server based on fast SSDs.

XEN (Linux)

One of the most popular server hypervisors. Works in paravirtualization and hardware virtualization modes. The project was incepted at the Cambridge University and then became a commercial product. In 2009, Citrix, the owner of XenServer, announced opening the source code of the product and made it available to the public. Since 2013, the project has been managed by Linux Foundation. Being a free product with broad functionality, XEN caters for cost-effectiveness and high performance of virtual machines built on top of it.


VMware ESXi (Windows, Linux, ISO images)

The product was initially developed as a commercial project targeted at corporate users. We are in a position to say that VMware ESXi developers made it perfect: top-notch functionality, intuitive admin interface and convenience of operation made it all but the most popular hypervisor on the market. Virtual machines based on it fully imitate hardware operations. However, regardless of all pros provided by VMware ESXi, we should note that this solution is quite costly, which makes virtual servers running on it more expensive.

Order VDS ESXi

Each of our VPS/VDS comes with

Fast SSD drives

Enterprise-level hardware

Unlimited traffic

24/7/365 support


Why would I rent a VPS server?
A virtual server is a more affordable alternative for a dedicated server and can be used for similar activities. VPS is chosen for projects where Web Hosting is no longer an option due to a lack of resources or because root access is needed to manage the server as an admin.
What are the differences between a virtual server, a VDS, a VPS?
None. This is just the same service referred to in different ways.
Dedicated vs Virtual server?
To choose one, you need to answer two questions: ‘What are the goals of the hosting?’ and ‘What is the budget I’m ready to spend?’
  • The projects that need to store several terabytes of data will be better off with a physical server or an IaaS, since the cost of storing a gigabyte of data will be lower compared to VDS.
  • The cost of fault-tolerance – when you choose VDS, you don’t have to think about RAID or the condition of drives. The hosting provider bears full responsibility for maintaining the platform that serves as a basis for the service. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to create data backups regularly!
  • Traffic generating projects also work best with a Dedicated server or a cloud (IaaS), since they require a drive subsystem designed to handle such an activity along withhigh-capacity dedicated channels. For example, some projects require channels with a capacity of up to 10 GB/sec.
  • If you need something for day-to-day activities – say, a fully-fledged remote desktop with office applications for one person – it’s better to choose a VDS. Start with a small package and add up extra resources, RAM or drive space when you need them. You can do it in a couple of clicks or by contacting our technical support. Do you lack CPU performance and need more nodes? Feel free to upgrade to more advanced packages free of charge.