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When your business needs the most secure, reliable, scalable IT system customized for high workloads, and configured with specified components, the private cloud solution is the best environment to make the infrastructure you’ve dreamed of. Contact us right now — get your private cloud before your competitors will!

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Private cloud capabilities

Private cloud infrastructure
  • You can choose the preferable virtualization platform
  • You can select a hardware vendor and a data storage system
  • Redundant enterprise-class hardware for the high-availability and scalability of the project
  • Dedicated channels with high bandwidth
  • Deployment in several connected data-centers
  • Rent software licenses to raise the cost-efficiency of the project
  • Backup to remote data-center for excellent data protection
  • Different service levels, from Unmanaged to Full-managed

Important notice

Within a private cloud infrastructure development, the pricing of software licenses buying can be just as high as the hardware costs. Some companies are sensitive to it. If it's about your budget, too, we can help you cut the expenses using the software license rent option. But if you have already purchased licenses, you definitely can install them in your private cloud.

Benefits of using a private cloud

Information security in the private cloud

High information security

Exclusive usage

Exclusive usage

Resource in the private cloud

Guaranteed resource availability

Load balancing

Effective load balancing

Private Cloud infrastructure solution: The essentials

A private cloud is a single-tenant custom-tailored IT infrastructure designed by meeting all customer’s demands, with the best security protection. In other words, it is a physically isolated pool of virtual computing resources integrated into a single architecture that is located on dedicated hardware in a data center. These solutions ensure the highest level of privacy. A private cloud environment is fully customized and operates separately from all other resources, which is in your best interest.

If your project has sophisticated needs, or you prefer hardware of a particular vendor, and you’d like to be the one and the only user of the cloud solution, just tell us. We can design the configuration and create a private cloud for you based on the preferable virtualization platform — VMware, Hyper-V, or OpenStack. We can deploy your reliable, secure, fault-tolerant private cloud either in one of our German Tier-III+ data centers or in both of them interconnected, — on your demand. Experienced SIM-Networks engineers will develop and implement an optimal backup schedule of your data to the remote storage, thus providing the utmost informational security.

How SIM-Networks ensures data security in a private cloud?

We provide data security protection using hardware-based encryption and physical access control measures. Authorized remote access to a private cloud is only possible via a secure connection based on a site-to-site VPN tunnel using IPsec. All SIM-Networks’ cloud infrastructures are located in Tier III and Tier III+ data centers in Germany. Those data centers have been certified by the standards ISO27001:2013, a European standard regulating the rules of data center security, construction, and management, and they re-affirm those certifications regularly. These standards guarantee that everything within the data center is physically isolated from the rest of the world. Authorized and distributed access to the premise and within is under the permanent control according to specific regulations, protocols, and systems.

Also, we customize the cloud backup by an optimal schedule. Your data will transfer by secured channels to remote storage. Thus your information will be protected even in the case of disaster or system failure.

Which hardware uses SIM-Cloud to build private cloud solutions?

Within a private cloud model, we build private cloud infrastructure depending on the goals of the project, your preferences, and our expertise. All of our projects have been based on enterprise-class hardware and proven technologies. Our hardware park is traditionally comprised of professional equipment from the world’s best manufacturers — Fujitsu, HP, DELL, Intel, Cisco, Supermicro, and others. Even if the equipment preferred by you is hardly available, or its installation is not feasible, our technical consultants will create an IT system with the most desired parameters.