Private Cloud solution

Private cloud infrastructure

Tell us about the projects where you need to design a cloud infrastructure – and we will calculate the right configuration and create a private cloud for you based on VMware, Hyper-V or OpenStack. A reliable, secure, fault-tolerant private cloud will be located in one of our German Tier-III+ data centers. We will facilitate backups of your data onto remote spaces, thus providing utmost security of your information.

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Virtualization platforms

Private cloud capabilities

  • Platform can be chosen
  • Dedicated hardware for each particular project
  • Different service levels, from Unmanaged to Full-managed
  • Dedicated channels
  • Colocation in several connected data-centers
  • Possible to choose a hardware and a data storage vendor
  • Software licenses can be rented
  • Backup to remote data-center

Important notice

When a private cloud is created, the software license costs might be just as high as the hardware costs. We will help you cut the expenses using the ‘software license rent’ option.

Benefits of using a private cloud

High information security

Exclusive usage

Guaranteed resource availability

Effective load balancing


What are the differences between a public and a private cloud?

Public cloud – a set of centrally managed virtual resources that are available for all cloud users. The term "public" only means that virtual resources can be used by different clients not related to each other.

Private cloud – a physically isolated pool of virtual resources designed to deploy corporate solutions, a set of virtual machines integrated into a single architecture. In other words, a private cloud is a separate solution that possesses the parameters requested by the customer and is located on dedicated  hardware in a data center. These solutions cater for the highest possible level of privacy. A private cloud is fully customized and operates separately from all other resources, which is in your best interest.

How do you facilitate data security?
There are hardware and physical means of protection for the cloud and the information hosted in it. An authorized remote access to a private cloud is only possible via a secure connection based on a site-to-site VPN tunnel using IPsec. All SIM-Networks’ cloud infrastructure is located in Tier III and Tier III+ data centers in Germany. Those data centers are certified in accordance with ISO27001:2013, a European standard regulating the rules of data center security, construction and management, and they re-affirm those certifications on a regular basis. These standards guarantee that everything within the data center is physically isolated from the rest of the world. Authorized distributed access to the premise and within it is permanently controlled by respective regulations and systems.
Which hardware will be used to build my private cloud?
We build private clouds depending on the goals of the project, the client’s preferences and our own expertise. All of our projects are based on top-class professional hardware and proven technologies. Our hardware park is traditionally comprised of professional equipment from the world’s best manufacturers: Fujitsu, HP, DELL, Intel, Cisco, Supermicro and others. Our strategy is simple – if the hardware ordered by a client is available for purchase and using it is feasible, we complete the job.