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Benefits of the public cloud

SIM-Cloud technical details

Public Cloud
  • Platform OpenStack
  • Virtualization QEMU/KVM
  • Data Storage System SDS Ceph
  • Computing Intel XEON E5-2697v4
  • OS of choice
  • Management interface SIM-Cloud Dashboard and API
  • Cloud network VxLAN Ethernet 10-40 Gbit/sec
  • SAN Fat Tree Infiniband, 56 Gbit/sec
  • WAN 1-10 Gbit/sec
  • Drives NVMe, SSD, SATA
  • Data replication full

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Virtualization platforms

Private cloud made to your specifications

Private Cloud
  • Full customization
  • Perfect for sensitive data
  • No need to share resources
  • Full management services
  • Enterprise-class hardware
  • Redundancy on the architectural level

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