Data Centers in Germany and Netherlands


TelemaxX data centers
TelemaxX data centers

Best in Germany. Most advanced. Most reliable.

SIM-NETWORKS' server and network infrastructure are hosted in top-notch, high-end TelemaxX IPC-3 and TelemaxX IPC-4 datacenters in Karlsruhe, Germany. Our datacenters have been put into operation in 2009 and 2011, respectively. Their focus is on enterprise business and corporate customers that expect to get the highest reliability and safety of infrastructural projects.

Tier III and Tier III+ Certification

TelemaxX datacenters in Germany regularly reconfirm certification for compliance with the full range of requirements for datacenters information security management in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 27001.
According to the ANSI/TIA-942 standard, which classifies data centers depending on the high-availability of services, reliability, and fault tolerance, the TelemaxX IPC-3 is certified to the Tier III, and the TelemaxX IPC-4 corresponds to Tier III+ class.
TelemaxX datacenters are focused on serving exclusively professionals.


Premises features:

  • About 5200 m2 of the area of the IPC4 space and 2800 m2 of the area IPC3 space;
  • F90 fire-resistant walls and compartment doors;
  • More than 1.500 racks can be placed 47U racks.


Failure-free power supply:

  • UPS systems for multi-circuit, fail-safe power supply;
  • Protection against voltage surges;
  • Power supply through a 20 KV circle line;
  • Guaranteed power supply 99.99% of the time per year.

The power supply systems in each of datacenters are redundantly connected by two independent power lines directly to the urban power supply network. If power fails, an array of diesel power generators will support the datacenters workability for at least three days. A smooth transition from the regular to the emergency power supply is provided by industrial UPSs, which are also duplicated to increase fault-tolerance.


Network communications:

  • Duplicated lines to connect to the backbone;
  • Juniper Networks, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard infrastructure;
  • Racks connection through fault-tolerant LAN ports.

All TelemaxX data centers are interconnected by the fiber-optic circle, and numerous communication lines with redundancy for fault-tolerance provide communication with the outside. Internet access is ensured by dedicated communication lines to the Tier-1 providers in Germany and the world. There is also a direct connection to the DE-CIX in Frankfurt, which provides the shortest ways to transfer data to Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries.


Physical security and access control

  • Up-to-the-date control and management system of the physical access to datacenters;
  • Alarm and quick response systems;
  • Permanent video control throughout the perimeter and premises;
  • Isolated compartments for equipment placement.

All datacenter systems are monitored around the clock by a multi-circuit security system and their workability is continuously checking.
Access to data centers and equipment is strictly controlled. Comprehensive physical security measures include different access levels, personal ID cards, digital security locks, identification systems, round-the-clock video surveillance with archiving. Racks with customer equipment are locked, like bank cells.


Internal environment monitoring:

  • Duplicated air conditioning systems;
  • Permanent temperature at 22°C +/- 4°C;
  • Air filtration according to DIN EN 779G4 standard;
  • Climatization under a raised flooring;
  • Automatic monitoring of compartments and server racks temperature;
  • Advanced early fire detection and fire protection system.


Serverius data center
Serverius data center


We also can offer you host your infrastructure in the large European Serverius SDC1 TIER III datacenter located in the center of the Netherlands, in Dronten (near Amsterdam). The datacenter has been operating in the market since 2009, and it is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001.

This location is perfect for projects with high-loaded traffic. Our experts are ready to offer you cost-effective and efficient solutions for deploying any sophisticated projects on servers in the Netherlands.


Premises features:

  • The floor area of the datacenter space is 1200 m2;
  • Three server rooms with a total capacity of 340 server racks.


Failure-free power supply:

The main power supply of the datacenter is carried out by its power supply circle, which is included in the Dutch central power ring "Flevo ring." The data center is also equipped with powerful diesel generators and batteries that are able to ensure the smooth operation of the entire infrastructure in case of power failure.


Network communications:

The datacenter is connected to several transit providers, and each of them is connected through a port running at least 10 Gbps. In common, all they are included in the 150 Gbps network, which is based on 320 Gbps duplicated connection lines with multiple data centers in Amsterdam. The traffic routing configuration always performs the choosing of the shortest path for data transfer.


Internal environment monitoring;
  • Constant temperature in server rooms at 24°C +/- 3°C;
  • The air conditioning system "cold corridor";
  • Individual cooling system for each server rack.


Fire protection systems

The datacenter is divided into four fire protection zones. An early fire detection system can respond to the slightest sign of smoke. The main gaseous fire suppression system is used to fight the fire.


Physical security and access control

The datacenter is surrounded by a 250 m2 high metal fence that is under voltage of 10,000 volts and connected to a perimeter break detection system. The internal premises, as well as the adjacent territories, are under round-the-clock video surveillance and security. Multilevel access control reliably protects equipment and premises from unauthorized entry and possible damage.