Black Friday at SIM-Networks: Best deals on dedicated servers, cloud, webhosting and VDS

Black Friday Deals - Webhosting, Cloud, Servers, and VPS

Get the 25% discount for 6 months – just within three clicks!

Just copy the promo code BHS2019, paste it to the Customer Care chat at the SIM-Networks website, during the ordering, — and get the discount for the 5 TOP-services of SIM-Networks:

Webhosting, Cloud, Servers, and VPS with the great discount

Terms for the Big Black Friday-2019 Sale from SIM-Networks:

  1. This offer is due from November 20, 2019, to December 06, 2019.
  2. The customer gets the 25% discount only after applying the promo code BHS2019 during the service ordering or addressing to Customer Care
  3. Only new customers, who have been registered on the SIM-Networks website during the promo period, can take advantage of the discount.
  4. The customer should not use any blockers or previous cookies deleting before registering on the SIM-Networks web site.
  5. The customers who were contacted with SIM-Networks B2B sales managers before, or do it now, cannot participate in the current promo action and can’t get the discount.
  6. The 25% discount would be in force only if the customer applied the promo code not later than seven days after the promo action has ended.
  7. SIM-Networks reserves the right to decline the discount if the customer can be suspended on the overregistration (e.g., use blocking tools or cookies deleting).
  8. ATTENTION! This promo offer does NOT include the following services and products: Custom dedicated servers (with the individually composed configuration); Domain names; Software licenses rent; Colocation; Private cloud; SSL certificates; Data storage; Discounted dedicated servers (by special promo offer)


The origins of the term ‘Black Friday’ can be easily found on the Internet: many journalists make researches from time to time and even post interesting photos with newspaper abstracts that are dozens (or even a hundred) years old.

One of the versions suggests that Americans used to associate furious discounts with The Black Friday gold panic of September 24, 1869. And marketing consultants once upon a time have decided to use the Black Friday term to define the Great Prices Falling period in retail. So, the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the US was dubbed Black because retail stores offered huge discounts to get rid of hard-sell goods before the Christmas sales.

Another version says that accountants refer to being ‘in the black’ meaning ‘having profits’ (unlike being ‘in the red’, which means ‘having losses’). If you strive to watch your money, you should buy much on Black Friday. And even if retailers give huge discounts on their goods, those deals are profitable anyway.

The last but not the least, the police officers in Philadelphia named that Friday ‘black’ because of the biggest traffic jams in history on that day: customers were so excited about the sales that they blocked up all streets in the city with their cars.

Anyway, people consider the Black Friday buying as the most profitable deals in the year.

Even though the tradition of enormous discounts and sales is relatively new, the world caught up with it pretty quickly – and this is a happy day for both clients and stores. So, SIM-Networks has decided to follow the trend and delight our customers, too. On Black Friday 2019 you can have the best price on dedicated servers, Cloud IaaS, webhosting, and VPS of a year!

This year Black Friday Deals will start on November 29. But the Big Black Friday-2019 Sale in SIM-Networks will start on November 20, and finish on December 6!

Are you ready to buy discounted goods and the best services? Just do it — it’s time!

BTW, did you hear about Cyber Monday? It’s the first Monday after Black Friday, when you can buy various gadgets, tech equipment, software, IT products and services with significant discounts, too. This year it would be on December 2. And SIM-Networks decided to conjunct both Black Friday and Cyber Monday — so, you’ll get Black-Cyber-Ten-Days!

Give your IT projects a treat – celebrate this Black Friday with SIM-Networks, the best of hosting provider from Germany.

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