Black Friday at SIM-Networks: you can only have those discounts once a year!

Web Hosting & VPS - Best Black Friday Deals!

What is the difference between a Black Friday and any other Friday? It’s not just about the joy that the working week is over, and it’s not just excitement about the upcoming weekend. Black Friday is a holiday by itself! And the Black Friday offer from SIM-Networks with discounts for hosting packages is a blast!

The origins of the term ‘Black Friday’ can be easily found on the Internet: many journalists make researches from time to time and even post interesting photos with newspaper abstracts that are dozens (or even a hundred) years old. One of the versions suggests that the Friday following the Thanksgiving Day in the US was dubbed Black because retail stores offered huge discounts to get rid of non-sellers prior to the Christmas sales.

Another version says that accountants refer to being ‘in the black’ meaning ‘having profits’ (unlike being ‘in the red’, which means ‘having losses’). The last but not the least, the police officers in Philadelphia named that Friday ‘black’ because of the biggest traffic jams in history on that day: customers were so excited about the sales that they blocked up all streets in the city with their cars.

Even though the tradition of enormous discounts and sales is relatively new, the world caught up with it pretty quickly – and this is a happy day for both clients and stores. We at SIM-Networks decided we should follow the trend and delight our customers, too! We are glad to announce that we join the ‘Black Friday’ club by giving you a discount of 50%! The discount applies to all VDS and to all* web hosting packages! 50% - you can only have it once a year!

How do I get a discount? It’s easy! Make an order for a web hosting or a VDS for 3 months or longer, and use blackfriday promo code when placing your order.

And it’s not the only present on our list! This year SIM-Network starts its ‘Black Friday’ on Thursday, November 23, and it ends on Sunday, November 26!

IMPORTANT NOTE: the 50% discount applies to all new orders placed between November 23 and November 26, 2017 inclusive, each order has to be for at least 3 months. Some basic calculations make it clear that you get the best offer when ordering a hosting or a VDS for a year at once! You will be taking advantage of stable, reliable and secure German service at the best possible price for the whole year – until the next ‘Black Friday’!

Give your IT projects a treat – celebrate this ‘Black Friday’ with SIM-Networks, the best hosting provider from Germany.

*except for the Bitrix One package

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