Images update for Debian, Ubuntu and OPNsense in SIM-Cloud

UPDATE: ISO images

We are constantly working to improve our product and to enhance the quality of the service. The infrastructure is monitored 24/7, and we ensure that the software being used is up-to-date. Today we would like to announce another update to the OS images that are already available in the secure SIM-Cloud (IaaS).

Debian 8.9 upgraded to 8.10

This update includes 94 security bug fixes and 54 improvements that make operations more stable. libnet-ping-external-perl package was deleted from the distributive due to the security issues, and aiccu package was removed since it doesn’t bring any value after the termination of SixXS.

The full release notes are available on the official website:

Debian 9.3 update

This update includes 56 fixes related to security as well as 68 bug fixes and stability enhancements. libnet-ping-external-perl package has been deleted.

The full release notes are available on the official website:

OPNsense 17.7.11 update

Quite a small update that only contains 22 fixes, including minor interface improvements and a minor back-end clean-up. The development team has posted the full list of changes on GitHub:

A new image with Ubuntu 17.10 distributive has been added

The switch from Unity to GNOME Shell is the most notable change in 17.10 release. By default, Ubuntu Dock is used, which is extremely similar to the customary interface that was previously used with Unity. The previous version of the shell can be installed from the repository.

The libraries and the software distributed with Ubuntu 17.10 have been updated to the latest stable versions. Linux core has been upgraded to version 4.13. The full list of changes is available on the official website:

Be safe! Install OS and software updates on a regular basis and only use stable version from the official repositories.

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