Triple data replication is implemented in the cold storage in SIM-Cloud IaaS

The triple data replication in Cold Storage

The cloud storage CS1 within SIM-Cloud IaaS is purposed to cold data storing and low-loaded apps deployment. Since the 2020 year starting, CS1 get more high-availability and data protection due to the implementation of the triple replication of data.

On the Quarter 1st, 2020, our SIM-Cloud Team of engineers completed the implementation of the triple data replication at the cold storage CS1. Despite this cloud improvement is complex and expensive, our cloud end-users won’t pay more for storage CS1 using — we froze price for it.

We should remind you that our SIM-Cloud IaaS’ customers can use two types of cloud storage: a General Storage GS1, and a Cold Storage CS1. These two types are different from each other in a kind of storing data. Cold Storage is purposed to store backups, archives, and low-loaded applications deployment. Additionally, the CS1 is used for creating instance volumes in SIM-Cloud.

You can learn more details about the Ceph-based software-defined storage system in SIM-Cloud from our article SIM-Cloud IaaS got new storage with increased IOPS.

To reduce data corruption or damage risks, we implement data replication in the CS1. The essence of the replication process is the multiple copying of stored data. The high-available, distributed data storage system based on the software-defined Ceph solution enables to store duplicates of information blocks at various nodes of the storage.

Triple data replication duplicates information accordingly to (N+2) formula. It allows significantly improving data availability and security. In case of a failure or split-brain at one of the storage cluster nodes, data timely is inaccessible. But customers’ instances continue their routine working with no impact of the incident due to the information duplicates at other storage-nodes.

Thus, additionally to the Ceph cache tiering feature implemented to CS1 last year, the cold storage in SIM-Cloud got a new capability to enhance the reliability, safety, and availability of stored information. And the price of this service remains unaltered for all of SIM-Cloud IaaS customers.

If you still ride the fence deciding to use all the benefits of our cloud infrastructure, we offer you a free trial of SIM-Cloud for a week. Contact our Customer Care and order the cloud solution for testing right away!

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