System Administrator Appreciation Day 2019

 System Administrator Appreciation Day 2019


The last Friday of every July, the Sysadmin’s Day, is the best day when you can and have to congratulate those people who makes your company’s work possible — by their job.

Didn’t you ever dream of seeing the smile on the system administrator of your company face? :) So, you have a brilliant opportunity to reach it on July 26, 2019, – when the Global IT community celebrate the System Administrator Appreciation Day!

System Administrator is a Superhero!

Hey, you know it – you’re coming to the office, start your laptop or PC, open your used programs for working, send an email to potential client, launch a skype conference with partners, upload a project plan to the corporate intranet storage, fill the new customer’s profile at the CRM system… All your job is connected to IT systems and computers, those are well-organized, interconnected, secured from outside intruders and reliably stored your data. But for your possibility doing your job, system administrators of your enterprise do their job. Those are people who response to the business workability and, finally, profit.

Like others occupations, system administration has some specializations:

  • system engineer (infrastructure engineer, system architect), the person who designs, builds, scales up the corporate information infrastructure by installing and interconnecting in the context of the business processes operating systems, DBMS, directory services, mail and web servers, groupware, CRM, ERP, document management systems, etc.;
  • network administrator, the expert who develops and maintains intracorporate information networks and their connection to the Internet, configures routing and VPN, understands the intricacies of the physical construction of networks and network protocols;
  • database administrator, the wizard who knows how and why the DBMS are arranged, is fluent in SQL, maintains the company's database and believes in the Force of Backup (by the way, what types of backups are available and in what cases they are used, we told in the material Backups: the most effective methods for various activities);
  • Web server administrator, the lord of the web servers’ realm, in his (or her) power are hardware and software installation, configuration, maintenance; he/she can configure apache and mail servers, and aware of the OSI model and TCP/IP protocol stack;
  • network security administrator, the one who is burdened with information security responsibility (we told about it in the article Corporate cybersecurity: How to defend information values), and writes policies and regulations, keeps computers and networks activity monitoring, controls updates of antivirus and antimalware software, develops preventive measures against cyber threats;
  • mail server administrator, the person who configures and maintains corporate mail servers, installs spam filtering, integrates mail with the database, and can even explain the difference between SMTP and DNS and SSL.

But in a small company, all of the tasks pointed above, like many others, are performed by only one specialist. His wide responsibility area includes the maintenance of computer equipment and peripherals, configuration and supporting the network, providing information security measures and technical support for users, controlling the software updates and hardware upgrades. However, if the company made the right choice and migrated the infrastructure to the cloud, the cloud provider takes on the task of the last point in a whole.

And for the worldwide exchange of experience and communication “with geeks of their kind” enthusiasts created The League of Professional System Administrators, LOPSA.

Well, system administrators are heroes, that’s true. Every day they solve a vast of various tasks and items. Some interesting projects implemented by SIM-Networks system administrators are described inreal case studies and customer stories at our website.


The provenance of the System Administrator Appreciation Day

Don't these wonderful people, who bear the burden of responsibility for the company performance, deserve a special professional day? Our answer is definitely, yes. They do!

This year, on the last Friday of July, we will celebrate this professional Day for the twentieth time. Yes, July 26, 2019, is the twentieth anniversary of the System Administrator Appreciation Day.

The story has been started in 1999 when Chicago system administrator Ted Kekatos wanted his work to be remembered not only when “everything was lost”. Everybody knows that a good sysadmin is one that the company does not know in person. Because the system administrator, as a doctor, is not remembered when everything is working and the system is “healthy”. Obviously, Ted Kekatos was a good sysadmin, once he had a lack of attention to his work. Otherwise, why establish a holiday that encourages users to thank their admins?

But just such a message was laid by Kekatos. The occasion that prompted Ted to sad thoughts that his work is undervalued was the plot of the Hewlett Packard ad, where office workers expressed in flowers, wine, and baskets of fruit their appreciation to the modest sysadmin who had set up the printers for the brand he mentioned. Kekatos was very pleased with the idea of a professional holiday with gifts: “I thought "Hey this is great! A sysadmin is getting flowers, fruit, and wine from his users!", he told in an interview.

In the company where he then worked, there was a tradition of corporate parties. Why not organize such an event in honor of the system administrators? Ted offered it to his colleagues, they gladly picked up the initiative — this is how the history of celebrating the Day of the System Administrator began. “The last Friday of July seemed to me a good day for a corporate party with ice cream and a cake, so I chose this day as an official day,” says the Sysadmins Day founder.

Inspired by his project, Kekatos registers the domain name the next day and creates the site of the same name, SysadminDay, where he tells the uninitiated in detail who the system administrators are, for which they deserve attention and gratitude, what day it is appropriate to express and what day to do it.


What is the best gift to Sysadmin?

You can find a lot of answers on this hard question in the Internet. As a rule, many gift websites offer various mugs and cups, USB-gadgets, flash drives and even toys – for example, a plush penguin for the Linux administrator is for some reason considered to be a very appropriate gift ;)

Ted Kekatos offers the following Gifts list:

  • Parties, Munchies, Refreshments
  • Cake and Ice Cream party
  • Punch and Pie party
  • Cookies or Brownies. Preferably home-baked, and did I say chocolate?
  • Specialty Food Basket, or Gourmet Chocolates, or Fruit Basket
  • Energy beverages to keep them going as they work on your problems
  • Case of Bawls or Monster
  • Case of Iced Mocha Cappuccino or Frappuccino
  • Case of Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper
  • Bottle (or even a case) of their favorite beer or wine
  • Tickets for Baseball or Hockey, or Basketball, or Football
  • Gift certificates (ThinkGeek, Cafepress,, etc.)

Some system administrators joke that they are quite satisfied a paid day-off as a gift. But we know that the real admin does not have any day-offs, or holidays, or vacations – otherwise he would not have become what he became. ;)

But in general, if you approach the choice of a gift to your system administrator, we advise you to remember that, first of all, the sysadmin is a person, just like you. And you can purely humanly ask what your server magician and fiber caster likes: chocolate, beer, mango or flash drives that looks like R2D2.

He has his own sympathies, priorities and wishes, he conscientiously responds to any of yours “I need help!” and tries to solve all problems effectively. Therefore, the main gift that should be given to him, regardless of the professional holiday is your polite attention: “thank you”, “you helped me a lot”, “you are a great professional”. For all of us is important to win acceptance among our associates as a person, as a professional, as a human.

Dear System Administrators, happy your Professional Day, and thank you for your work!

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