Case Studies 16/09/2021

Cloud Migration, Setting Up VPN and BaaS – SIM-Networks Case

In this review, we will tell you how our technical specialists have transferred virtual servers to the cloud and set up BaaS (data backup) service for the client.

The client's IT infrastructure before the start of the project


By the time the project started, the client already had a file server and other Windows virtual servers deployed using VMware ESXi. Backup copies files were sent to an external FTP server. The client has already had a negative experience with the system crash before. Consequence management took a lot of time. In particular, it was necessary:

  • To reinstall the OS and current updates;
  • To install and update the whole stack of programs that were operating before the crash (antivirus, etc.);
  • To recreate the directory tree for each user and file permissions;
  • To restore the VPN connections.

Customer’s requirements specification:

  • To extend disk space for a virtual server;
  • To create a backup mechanism with the quickly automated recovery ability, keeping the option of user files self-recovery from the backup storage on an FTP server;
  • To organize and configure a VPN service for the resources that users actively worked with.

The solution proposed by SIM-Networks tech experts


Our specialists migrated the client’s virtual servers to the SIM-Cloud: we have quickly performed the preparatory work, converted the disk, installed a set of additional drivers. Migration was performed from a running ESXi VMware service. Also, the disk space was extended, and its file system was recreated. After the migration to the cloud, the VPN tunnel was quickly set up, the network connection to the client’s office and all users’ connections were resumed. For more efficient and secure backup of the client’s disks, we have joined the SIM-Cloud BaaS service. At the same time, the functionality of storing users' files on an external FTP server has preserved its operability in order to enable promptly restore selected files that were deleted or updated erroneously.


The comprehensive solution that we have proposed satisfies the client’s requirements for security, flexibility and infrastructure convenience. One of the key wishes was to connect users via VPN after transferring the service to the cloud quickly. The downtime was minimal and had to be at night (not on the working time of the client’s staff). Also, the client plans for the near future to order a virtual router based on PfSense for more flexible management of their resources.




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