Cloud migration, setting up VPN and BaaS - a SIM-Networks case study

In this case of on-premise to cloud migration we will share the details of how we transferred the client’s virtual serves into the cloud and set up BaaS for reserve copying.

What were the client’s expectations?

The client was working with a file server and other virtual VMware ESXi servers based on Windows. Reserve copies were stored on an external FTP server. The client has already experienced total system failure. Dealing with the consequences took a lot of time and resources. The client had to:

  • reinstall and update the OS;
  • reinstall and update the entire program stack;
  • recreate the catalogue tree for each user, as well as file acess rights;
  • reestablish the VPN connection.

The ability to automatically recover data in case of such failures was vital to the client.

Client’s requirements:

  • get the ability to increase the disk space of the virtual servers;
  • create a reserve copying mechanism that allows automatic recovery;
  • keep the option to recover user files from the FTP storage;
  • set up VPN connections for resources often used by the client’s staff.

The client's IT infrastructure before the start of the project The client's IT infrastructure before the start of the project

How did we carry out the migration project?

Our experts have carried out the migration of the client’s virtual servers into the public SIM-Cloud. The preparation was carried in a short timeframe, the disk images were converted into the necessary formats and additional drivers were installed.

The solution proposed by SIM-Networks tech experts The solution proposed by SIM-Networks tech experts

The migration was carried out from a working ESXi VMware service. We expanded and recreated the file systems. After transferring the infrastructure, we deployed the PfSense virtual router. We used the router to set up VPN IPSec tunnels, reestablish the network connection to the client’s office and connect all users. These operations did not overlap with the schedules of the client’s staff; the business processes were not interrupted or affected in any way.

We used the SIM-Cloud BaaS service to create reserve copies effectively and safely. This service stores incremental backups of virtual machines on a remote platform. Client data can still be recovered from the external FTP server.

Cloud Server

Cloud server

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How did cloud infrastructure solve the client’s issues?

The cloud solution implemented by SIM-Networks meets the client’s requirements in terms of safety, flexibility and convenience. One of the key requests mentioned by the client was to set up VPN connections immediately after all services were moved to the cloud. The cloud data migration was carried out at night; the minimal downtime did not interfere with the work of the client’s staff.

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