Blog News 01/03/2023

SIM-Networks' dedicated server lineup just got bigger

The SIM-Networks team continues to expand the product line and provide new possibilities for clients. Learn more about our new series of servers in this news update.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server

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What’s new with our dedicated servers?

Dedicated servers update

SIM-Networks' dedicated server lineup has been expanded by preconfigured affordable servers of the SIM series in addition to our customizable offers. Here is a brief overview of the range of options:

  • CPUs of the Intel Xeon series, including Intel Xeon Gold;
  • up to 256 GB of RAM;
  • drive options including SSD up to 2 TB & HDD up to 12 TB;
  • prices starting at €194.00.

As always, installation in Tier III ISO/IEC-certified data centers in Europe is included free of charge. The range of options for your dedicated server includes IP KVM switches, OS installation, additional IP addresses, extra backup power supply units and more.

Get acquainted with the lineup and order your new SIM dedicated server; we’re certain you’ll find one that matches your tasks.

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